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The tip of the film: “on The bright side of Life”, a romantic comedy with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence

“On the bright side of life”, which is the tip of the current video with Amazon Prime. In this romantic comedy, Bradley Cooper, lives on as Pat Solitano, a man with bipolar disorder who had been admitted to a psychiatric hospital, as a result of his behavior, which made him lose his marriage and his job.

After a period of time in hospital, Pat is discharged and comes back to live at home with their parents. However, his greatest desire is to get back to the life they did before, on the side of his ex-wife and his old job, but her history would make it difficult to do this.

Always be on the watch and distrust of their parents, the police and a psychiatrist, he’d know her at a dinner party with friends, and Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), a woman who was recently widowed, and it is also facing problems in his or her behavior. Thus begins a friendship that gradually is being transformed into a new feeling.

The cast of the film also includes Robert De Niro, Jacki Weaver, and Chris Tucker.

A very funny film, with the acting, striking, and a path round it, and that it is able to mix the emotions in the perfect way and as long time.