Pyong Lee is the greatest color commentator of the BBB20, and you can prove it


The BBB20, in spite of being in its final stages, there is still a lot of the inside of the house. There are still 10 players remaining, the prize is R$ 1.5 million, and Thelma, a Piece or a Babu can go out today in the Wall as a Surprise.

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At the same time, with a lot of people in the house, key players have already left the house, and as the Pyong Lee.

The hipnólogo, which has been considered to be one of the greatest players of the WEEK, he went out of the BBB20 it’s been nearly three weeks, but that the house has not come out of it”, in the sense that he talks about (almost) everything that’s going on in there.

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Here are some of the reasons that prove that the Pyong is the greatest color commentator in the BBB20 out here!

When he had gone out of the house, and he was still getting used to the life here, and their young son, Jake), he was already boasting of some of the “good ones” that I had left in the house

The people also came to feel nostalgic for a time when it came out of the house and began to demand his return, but he made it a point to make it clear that this did not arise.

Even when the subject has nothing to do with him, Pyong, had to say. He asked that the audience for this love for Daniel, who has been out with more than an 80% on the wall three times.

The Punishment of the Monster, the Priest and the Babu were reminiscent of Pyong, which was for less and less, and he was there, he’s on Twitter.

During the program, Pyong you came to do 8 spells under the water, he swore that the was going to go, but that’s not the case.

Even when you don’t have to talk about, Pyong was going to go there and talk to the CUSTOMERS. And, missed.

Oh, by the Prior, criticizing the culture of K-Pop for you to see what’s going on here. Pyong was not there, but it was, you understand, right? lol)

And Pyong loved to play around inside of the house, guess the walls. And what did he do when he left?

Even when their rivals are in the house, praised, Pyong was put on to speak to a falr on the subject. If it bounces off of the reviews say if you are not going to talk about the good things, right?

And when was the Wall between Her and the Maintenance? (Yes, that’s because She was only a supporting role). Pyong has made to effort to take Her to the house.

The brother has also replied to some of the famous ones that were fully engaged in the Wall of the BBB20.

He took fun with the irony of a video, Hadson, his BBB20, when the Priest was out.

When the Babu, and the Priest came to the hospital and to discuss, in-Pyong, was there commenting on everything.

Oh, that reminds us of the fun to guess the walls? As it is, he also commented on the end of the BBB20

And to celebrate the fact that the Wall between the Priest, the Manu and She has hit the 1.5 billion votes cast. Further, a sample of whom Pyong was out of the house, but he was still in the WIKI.

And it’s not that, at the time when the whole world thought that the stick could break out between him and Her out of the house, and the two have remained friends? Oh, that’s right, that’s all told to you on Twitter for a Pyong.

When Iza just snapped his fingers and all over the world, and found that it was the traditional sign of Pyong, and he went over the edge.

Oh, and in the same feast, when the Priest came to the program WEEK for THE division, in the studio, he emulated the choreography of the Pyong, which of course has been commented upon by the hipnólogo.