Quarantine online-pays ‘slaps and kisses’ s celebrity


By Mark Thompson/AFP
For the american actor, Matthew McConaughey was a big hit when it interacts with the fs in the elderly, in Texas (photo by Mark Thompson/AFP)

For a lot of people, in the period of social isolation imposed by the quarantine it has been the perfect opportunity for a pr of new projects to implement. In the world of celebritieson the other. While some use social networks to raise awareness of the seriousness of the the pandemicothers are present in a number of platforms and initiatives that aim to renew hope – and that’s not always a d for sure.

Well-known for having played with Jim in a number of The office John Krasinski40-year-old, took advantage of his confinement to the wool in the channel is SomeGoodNews Some Notcias, Good on traduo free on YouTube. Created on the 25th of February, in the page, includes five vdeos published, more than 1.5 maize entered the age of 25.5 milhes de specific.

In the first, the program marked the reunion of actor-Steve Carrell, her costar on The office, and it was a week in which the host has completed 15 years of age. Soon after, Krasinski has returned with a episdio, and the figure of the great Man-of-the-Time – ningum less than Robert DeNiro.

The second episdio told the little girl Joanna, who was getting ready to watch the pea in Hamilton, which is in the body. Because of the pandemic, it was cancelled and she stayed at home with the family watching a movie on The return of Mary Poppins, starring the wife of actor Emily Blunt, who appears in the video. The little girl was surprised with the presentation with the team from Hamilton.


J-actor Matthew McConaugheyat 50, he took advantage of the free time in order to accept the special invitation to sing with the stones of the bingo for the elderly residents of an assisted living facility in Texas in the United States.

According to the north american network CBS, and the inhabitants of The Enclave, the community is located in Round Rock, we have invited the player for a round of the game, and in September of the previous year. The invitation was accepted, and now, when McConaughey meets the recomendao of social isolation in the house with me, Mary Kathlene McCabe, the wife, and the mining Camila Alves, and of the three the child in the bed, and Levi, Life and Livingston.

After the game, he answered the questions asked of elderly people, those who are curious to know the ascendncia of it, and your favorite beverage. “They loved to see Matthew and his family. It gave them hope, and that was the push they needed to get through this moment, solitrio, and challenging,” said Moly Davis Nedley, director of sales, the hospice, and in an interview to a TELEVISION station in Austin.

John Lennon

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/AFP
Gal Gadot has been accused of in the to acknowledge the impact socioeconmicos the COVID-19 (photo by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/AFP)

Lead in to the well-received, was that of an actress in the israeli Gal Gadotcurrent Wonder Woman, who called on other celebrities to sing Imagine, by John Lennon, in a video posted on Instagram, for, according to her, to show support during a crisis. After a publicao go on the air, and a number of crticas popped on the internet, and asking that the placement of more action from the stars.

The main alegao of the users of the team led by Gadot the I learned to recognize the severity of the problems caused by the coronavrus, such as the increasing unemployment and the difficulty of access to health, particularly in the United States.

The music of 1971 – lanada, under the pretext of the struggle for peace in the world, in the context of the War and of Vietnam – it would be a great help at this time. Next to her appeared in the video ” Amy Adams, Jimmy Fallon, Natalie Portman, Mark ruffalo’s hairstyles Kristen Wiig, among others.

In France, those who aroused the wrath of the to be confined was to the writers: Leila Slimani, Marie Darrieussecq, with its reports on the isolation. Both of which are installed in the houses, which mantm in the interior of the pas, which won at comparaes with Marie Antoinette.

The winner of the Prix Goncourt, with the romance of the Barrel for April (2016), Slimani, wrote in the newspaper Le Monde, as he had left Paris, and gone to his home in the country, claiming to be living in “a little bit, like Sleeping beauty. “Today’s night couldn’t sleep,” she told her. “For the first time in my room, I saw the dawn appear over the hills. Grass, ice, and the tlias in the branches of which, the first shoots start to appear.”

Darrieussecq, for his part, revealed in Le Point, he hid in his car with emplacamento in Paris, after coming home from vacation. He used an automobile older to receive crticas, by being a local resident.

Today, the France countryside of the back to the parisians flee to the countryside, accusing them of spreading the coronavrus in the cities of interior plateaus. To prevent the inhabitants from leaving the capital to the interior, which is available at police stations, that were installed with the purpose of controlling the transportation of the people.

Radiohead releases concert

Valerie Macon/AFP
Thom Yorke sent the material to a historical for a YouTube video (photo: Valerie Macon/AFP)

In the wake of the tapes, which have freed up valuable on-line material to keep the people entertained and the inside of the house during the quarantine, the band Radiohead it announced that it is wool, some of their clssicos shows, fail to return, the link.

In the social networks of the group, explained that the aim is to spread out the presentations once a week, at that situated the current is back to normal or you get no show.”

Shown in the fifth section (9), s, 18 o’clock, the first of which was the Live from the tent, held in October, 2000 in Dublin, Ireland. At the time, the band led by the Thom Yorke had the wool Kid’s, room album, and performed on three nights in a row – is the repertrio together for The national anthem, Dollars and cents, Fake plastic trees, Paranoid android, Street spirit (Fade out).

In February, the band has compiled a trs dcadas, of the material on the web site. So-called from the Library to the Public, of Radiohead, and the online has several shows in full, as between the older and newer videos in the highest quality designs, promotional materials, and other items.

The vast collection is available for free streaming and download, is run by the few of the records that match from the primrdios of grupo britnico, the lbum, Pablo honey (1993), before The moon-shaped pool, as of the end of 2016.

For a l, which the public brazilian is the video in full to the passage of the band through the pas in 2009, when the excursionava with the album In rainbows (2007). The presentation occurred at the now-defunct festival, the Just for the Fest, in So Paulo, brazil. Have you had as an opening act for the band Kraftwerk, Los Hermanos, it lasted for almost two and a half hours, and featured a set list of 26 tracks.