‘Rich in Love’: romantic comedy with Giovanna Lancellotti win tablet, 08/04/2020


Netflix released today the first trailer for “Rich in Love”, a romantic comedy in the brazilian starred for Kent Mesquisa e Giovanna Lancellotti. The premiere was scheduled for the 30th of April, on the platform.

In the story, a young Roof (Kent Mosque is the son of the powerful, instead of falling in love (Ernani Moraes), a successful businessman, well-known as the “King of Tomatoes”. The roof takes on a life of a playboy until I met Paula (Giovanna Lancellotti), a medical student, who is fighting for their own independence.

The disclosure
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To make it, to the Ceiling, my head about her origins, and ends up getting to keep up this charade. DJ P is a cameo in the film, playing himself.

Fernanda Paes Leme Lellê, The Griphao, Jennifer Day, and Jaffar Bambirra, are also in the cast. The direction was provided by Bruno Garotti (“They Pop, “I Fiko Loko”).

“Rich in Love” is one of the highlights of April with Netflix in the field of feature films. The action of “the Rescue,” featuring Chris Hemsworth, and, in the biographical drama “Sergio,” with Wagner Moura, will also arrive this month in the book.