Rolling Stone magazine · a total of 4 characters that are perfect for Keanu Reeves on Marvel after Avengers: Ultimate [LISTA]


The star of the franchises, the Matrix and John Wick has been the subject of numerous rumors for the employment of the movies from Marvel and DC

Keanu Reeves he has already been at the center of countless rumors about hiring him for a role in the weight in the world of films in the Marvel comics and DC. Especially now that big names in the USING how to Robert Downey Jr. Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson you are going to get out of the spotlight of the super-heroes.

After all, He you are at the peak of fame have all the movement freedom of action, in addition to being familiar with the films based on the COMIC with the Constantine (2005). It still is just speculation, but it figures he would be in the Marvel comics? There are a few tips for amazing you play it perfectly, with the actor and have listed them below.

The knight of the Moon

Of the world’s most violent and puzzling Marvel comics, the soldier of fortune Marc Spector it may be the ideal place to Keanu Reeves . This is an anti-hero who has multiple personalities, would benefit greatly from the charisma of the actor in the series, has already confirmed he is in the streaming Disney+.

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The Prince of the Submarine was pointed slightly in Upcoming Deadline (2019), and it’s one of the characters in the most proud of Marvel comicsbeing a competitor is important in the Its Not That Dark. After rumors of a fight in the studio to secure the rights to the hero system, it would be worthy to give it an a-list actor at the height of the Sub-mariner to interpret it, that is, in the case of a He.

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Kraven the Hunter

Kraven this is one of his most important Spider-Man and it is the third installment of the Tom Holland it was reported as certain by a variety of websites. Keanu Reeves it already proved to be ruthless in time of war, a mark on the franchise John Wick, on top of that, with all the powers and weapons of the hunter Marvel it would have to be the biggest opponent of the As Peter Parker.

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In the end, you may He if the interest is in the role of a villain even bigger. Having said that, the one that has the power of the universe as a whole, and the Beyonder, it may be the most attractive part of the book of the Marvel comics. The character is also the main reason for the mega-event Secret Wars, as big and popular as The Infinite War, you’ve just made history in the theatres.