Site, and Harry, and Meghan is the victim, and then redirects the audience to the music video for the single ‘Gold Digger’, Kanye-West – Monet


Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry's trip to South Africa (2019) (Photo: Getty Images)

Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry’s trip to South Africa (2019) (Photo: Getty Images)

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, were the targets of the troll that decided to hack their website, the foundation’s Archewell, which was launched this week, the music video for “Gold Digger”, a song from Kanye West. Those who enter they are directed to a YouTube video of the hit single of Kanye West’s partnership with Jamie Foxx, 2005).

The duke and duchess of Sussex, who eventually moved to Los Angeles, it was announced this week that they are laying the foundation Archewell, in memory of her son, Archie. But it seems that they had failed to register the domain name in advance, because the hackers were able to break in and turn your bed into one of the topics most talked-about social media.

A fellow wrote the following: “I, the one who made it on to the web site of Meghan, who is a genius,” and another added, “I lol lol – RUN it NOW, HARRY!!!!”. Your very own Kanye West has also been the target of a joke like in the year 2015, when is a troll on the Internet has made the web site redirecting you to the entrance of the rapper’s entry on Wikipedia.

Prince Harry and Meghan said they are “looking forward” to the start of the foundation Archewell, which will mark the Sussex Royal. They have been forced to give up on the Sussex downs, Royal, after the queen, and the forbidden use of his ties with the royalty to make money. Harry and Meghan had shown that the Greek word Arche meaning ‘source of action’ was the inspiration behind the name of his son, Archie, Mountbatten-Windsor.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Archie (Picture: Getty Images)

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Archie (Picture: Getty Images)

“Just like you, our goal is to support the efforts to combat the global pandemic of Covid-19. But, in the face of such information that have come to light, we feel compelled to share the story of how that came about. Prior to SussexRoyal came up with the idea of the ‘Arche’ – a Greek word that means‘ source of action’. We connect this concept to a charitable organization that hoped to build one day, and that became the inspiration for the name of our son. To do something meaningful, to do something important. Archewell is a name that combines the old word for power, and action, and one that conjures up all the deep resources that each and every one of us has to go. We are looking forward to the release of the Archewell when the time is right,” he said in the statement.

More details about the organization, have been postponed due to the pandemic, the Covid-19. Yesterday, Harry and Meghan, have been criticized by the moment of the announcement, which was timed to coincide with the prime minister of the United Kingdom, and Boris Johnson, and was transferred to intensive care due to infection by a coronavirus.

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