Sophie Turner, I would like to continue to live with Jean Grey


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The actress Sophie Turnerknown to live Sansa Stark in the Game of ThronesI would like to continue on playing the mutant Jean Grey in the movie The X-Men.. In an interview, mr. Turner has expressed his interest in returning to the films of the team in the Marvel universe.

It is clear that the X-Men aren’t a priority for today’s Marvel Studios, which is what everything seems to indicate that you must stop the mutants in the refrigerator for a long time. In spite of this, Kevin Feige unveiled during San Diego Comic-Con last year that there are plans to integrate the mutants into the Universe of Film from the Marvel comic in some time, it will leave the cast of the latest movie from the X-Men, with any questions you have about the future.

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In a conversation with the And, Sophie Turner he was asked about the possibility of her returning to the franchise The X-Men. under the imprint of Marvel Studios. To which she replied:

“I don’t know what’s the deal, if Disney wants to continue on the journey of the X-Men, or you don’t. But I always go back to that character, so that the cast and the experience. It was an incredible time on that. I would do anything to bring him back.”

Turner starred in two films of the X-Men The apocalypse by the year 2016, and Phoenix Black in 2019, the last one being a real failure at the box-office and critical acclaim.

Even though it has been released by 20th Century Fox after the company was bought by Disney, it seems that any trace of the franchise will be left behind, including the cast, as Marvel Studios is thinking about how to move forward with the new ownership.

Today, Disney is still looking to understand what you are going to do with that The New Mutantsfilm is produced by Fox, which has recently been postponed because of the pandemic, the COVID-19.

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