Taylor Swift is planning to marry Joe, Alwyn


Taylor Swift plans to marry her boyfriend, Joe, Alwyn, thus the growing pandemic of coronaviruses is finished. A source from british magazine Heat that indicates that the couple have no plans to have the ceremony at a pub in London, england.

A friend of the couple insists that they want a wedding in a simple and discrete one, involving just a few friends and family members.

Taylor has decided that she wants to get married in a pub with Joe… even Though part of her had always wanted a wedding in a huge, fairy-tale close to his home in Rhode Island, his relationship with Joe has completely changed her view of love, and made her think twice about the reason why you want to have a great day, and to whom it really is,” says the insider.

In addition to this, the artist has chosen a spot well away from the spotlight of Hollywood because she knows how her boyfriend is a sucker for a life behind the scenes.

“Does she know he is much happier out of the spotlight and the love of his life-understated in England, and in addition to this, London is always the destination, when you want to take a break away from it all, ( … ), Taylor, you know that this is going to let a part of his family and many friends-famous, because not all of them will be invited to the wedding, but she hopes that she can have a great celebration in the United States after that,” adds the source.

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The controversy with Kim and Kanye

Most recently, Taylor Swift found herself in the midst of a controversy involving Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, after the leak, the full text of the famous connection that the song made for the singer to come on stream in 2016.

In this conversation, the rapper spoke about the lyrics of the song Famous, in the words of he says that he suspects that he and Taylor are going to do their love-making as he sings, “I made that s***** * * the well-known’.

For audio, it saw a split between those who believe in a version of the former, and of which Swift would have given his approval to the West to include such a section, and if you want a version of the Taylor’s, which, in the West it is all about in the first part, such as the verse of the song.

A fan club for the couple, whose Twitter profile is @kimkwestegion, entered the controversy by publishing a photo of the socialite, with the caption: “The video doesn’t show anything new. We all already knew that. I am very confused at the moment.”

It is worth noting that the relationship between the three has never been a very user-friendly, and in addition to this the controversy involving a Famous, he became quite angry after the West come in front of you in the UK in 2009, and to say that she didn’t deserve the award for the Best Clip of a Female, and yes, Beyoncé.