The best concert that you can watch at home


Johnny Cash-Live At Folsom Prison (1968)

After many years of experiencing problems with drug and several flops, the musical, the Man in Black, he decided, in 1967, when it was time to take a walk into your life and your career. In the following year, he turned out to play a concert at a Prison in Folsom, where I wanted to act ever since 1955, the year in which it launched the Folsom Prison Blues is one of the releases of the most successful singer who, while at the same time, he released a very important message. A security guard delivered Cash to a glass of water where I could see it clearly in the dirt, so that the musician took the opportunity to comment on the degrading conditions in which they lived in the prison population.

Jefferson Airplane at the Festival and at Woodstock (1969)

“Have you ever seen the groups of heavy-duty, and now get ready for the music of the manic in the morning” was Grace Slick, the lead singer of the Jefferson Airplane, one of the bands most iconic of the movement of psychedelic in the late 1960s, he introduced his band, at eight o’clock in the morning, and to all the hippies who were still awake. It was one of the concerts of the most iconic of the Festival at Woodstock, which included a rendering of a 20-minute drive from the song Wooden Ships from Crosby, Stills & Nash.

Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii (1972)

The idea for this concert-documentary, recorded in the ruins of Pompeii, and was conceived by the director Adrian Maben. While on a trip to Italy, he lost his passport and had to go back to the ruins to look for it. When you become aware of the silence that is created by the amphitheater, Maben was thought that this would be the perfect place for the group to record a show. The goal was to create a response to documentaries such as Gimme Shelter, the Rolling Stones, or Hendrix, where there’s a focus, it is also important for the band and for the fans.

Led Zeppelin: The Song Remains the Same (1976)

The collection, formed by Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and John Bonham’s son, appears here as a band at the top of the world, and at the top of his game. At the time, Led Zeppelin was considered to be the biggest band in the world, because of the concert, unpredictable, and large-hearted, and, despite the fact that some members have argued that this is not the best live representation of the band in the film, you can see why it is that the british are still praised as gods of music.

Neil Young and Crazy Horse: Live Rust (1978)

“When Neil plays with Crazy Horse, he goes to this place of deep and intense inside of him. It, if Neil Young and the the true of Neil Young’s,” said Ralph Molina, the drummer of Crazy Horse, the band, which over the years has been Neil Young. The music, Live Rust is a build of a series of concerts, which he did in 1978. They shared in the first part of an acoustic, fragile, and a second one in the Crazy Horse, joined the musicians to drop the madness is given by the electric instruments.

Talking Heads: Stop Making Sense (1984)

Directed by Jonathan Demme (the Silence of the lambs, Philadelphia), this is one of the concerts, documentaries, the most iconic of all time, where it is captured in the genius and originality of this band is founded and led by David Byrne. On this tour, the band went on to act in nine states, and in addition to his music, a unique blend of funk with post-punk and other elements in the singular, was given a great deal of attention to the figures of the dance and the props, which was inspired by the world of visual art.

Nirvana: Live at Reading (1992)

This was the legendary festival in English it came to pass in the context to be controversial (as it was known in the band of Kurt Cobain). Many rumors said that, due to the excessive use of heroin, Cobain would not have been able to get on stage, and those were the last days of the band. On his way to mock, smells like teen spirit came on stage in a wheelchair and dressed in hospital scrubs. What is the history of it is the registration that shows you as Nirvana have been one of the best live bands of all time.

Daft Punk: Coachella Festival (2006)

The concert, which will revolutionise the way electronic music was being introduced to a large audience. We innovate the format, it is often limited to two DJ’s on the move the sound inside the cabin, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo presented with the facts of the robot inside the top of the pyramid, with more than seven feet in height that is designed to LED lights, and pictures. The performances of the electronics have never been the same.

Kanye-West-and-Jay-Z-in Paris (2012)

Very few of the musicians who have done more to make hip-hop what kind of music heard in the moment such as Kanye West and Jay Z. In 2012, the two musicians were in Paris to present the Watch the Throne album, as they did in the pool. Here they proposed to beat the world record for the song most often played on the same concert. Niggas in Paris was played a total of 12 times for 50 minutes. This point can be found in its entirety on YouTube.

10,000 Years Later Between Venus and Mars, Jose Cid live (2015)

In the year 2014 by the grace of a natural, palm desert decided to re-visit the album of the cult in 1978, 10,000 Years Later Between Venus and Mars, and conceptual album about a couple that escapes from the Earth into space. It is considered to be through the website, ProgArchives, one of the best albums of progressive rock of all time. In the following year, José Cid, edited with this action in the media.