The confinement pushes the social network TikTok


The confinement pushes the social network TikTok

The adults are confined, and advertisers are beginning to figure out the TikTok, driving up the social network, that is, up until not too long ago, it was a playground for the young – AFP

The adults are confined, and advertisers are beginning to figure out the TikTok, driving up the social network, that is, up until not too long ago, it was an amusement park for the young people.

The performers-Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, and even Jane Fonda, 82, went back into the mass to the platform provided by the chinese company ByteDance to post videos of up to 60 seconds.

A lot of adults are finding out about this issue, who entertained the young ones for a few months. After you have received a video sent to you by your friends, business Soft, which complies with the quarantine in the region of Paris and have downloaded the app and started using it with her two children, 6 and 3 years old They love it, it makes them laugh.”

The use of social media has grown over the lock-down, but the TikTok, that is, before the pandemic was already on the increase, it is doing better than the other platforms. About 65% of the world in march, according to the specialized website where you can SensorTower, in the application, including the 800-million users in January, according to the DataReportal, close to 1 billion dollars, even though the web site does not disclose the figures.

The TikTok has the advantage that it does not require a very beautiful and idyllic places, as is the case with your Instagram, which are now inaccessible, for the most part, ” explains Thibault Le Ouay, who is the founder of the company in Manuscript, that goes with the brand in their marketing strategies in the platform.

“Charli D ‘ Amelio”, 15, absolute star of a network, with a total of 46 million of his followers, “you are at home, as well as wearing with a legging. There is a video on a beach-lover’s paradise. It is still something you can do at home.”, he points out.

Another strong point is that it is the TikTok, from the platform to the, music, and dance, in its very essence, a standard format for a video of a dance that interprets the lyrics of a song.

“The movies tend to be pretty light and fun, and with all of the negative information that we hear in other places, and the people are in need of it right now,” says the analyst of eMarketer Debra Aho Williamson.

– Citizenship-and –messages –

To be in harmony with the context of the current situation, the TikTok is trying to convey a message of civic responsibility in the containment, particularly with the hashtag #happyathome, which has reported more than 7.9 million views, according to a spokesperson for the platform.

The TikTok has also created a page with information about the Covid-19 is supplied with data from the World Health Organization (WHO), which, among other things, seeks to refute “a number of implementation issues that are related to the virus.

The title and all the good things that are the point of entry is currently being used by brands to communicate with each other at the TikTok, and where the advertising was scarce, until a little while ago. The american giant of the hygiene and cleaning products, Procter & Gamble teamed up with Charli D ‘ Amelio for for a campaign of distancing the social order.

In the field of communication for the brands, it is still limited by the coronavirus, and that is why the possibilities for you to monetize the current popularity of the TikTok are a few of the f & b experts.

In addition, all the trademarks are interested in on the TikTok, but it is a time to cut marketing budgets, and that is the trial is usually the first thing to be cut off,” says Debra Williamson.

The analyst adds that the fact that the platform is being controlled by a group of chinese to represent, at the time, “the concern in the United States, mainly for the brands that may be concerned about the use of the data.

The growth of the app will be on when the adults return to the routine? “It’s too early to know,” says Debra.