The day of the Journalist, to learn more about the profession, with movies and tv shows!


How is the quarantine for that?

Here we are producing a lot of content in the home to brighten up and bring hope to you…. We could not stop talking about a date that is very special, because our team is made up of journalists, as well.

The the day of the journalist it was built in a day April 7, 1931for the Brazilian Press Association (ABI).

We are in the media, but journalists are always being made. Sandra Annenberg coming down to live in the program “As Is?” Play website: Giphy)

How did you come up with the date?

The main reason for the creation of the The day of the Journalist it is closely connected to an episode in the History of Brazil. The day was designated in honor of a journalist and a doctor John The Baptist Free Introductorykilled on the 22nd of November, 1830.

The other reason for this is that, on the 7th day of April, 1908, and was created by the very YEAR. Created by the journalist, Gustavo Lacerda, the association is located in Rio de Janeiro, and is the center of the action, which has as its goal to ensure that the rights of the class a publications.

And audio-visual media

By now, you should have seen some of the documentarybut did you know that they are produced by journalists? This is just one of the areas in which the professional can act on it.

We have separated some of the films and tv shows that present the audience with a little bit of this diversity is to receive the information, and tell stories. Check it out:

Citizen Kane (1941)

Inspired by the life of the millionaire, William Randolph Hearst, the tycoon american-born owner of a large newspaper, Citizen Kane, it is told through the memories in search of a crisis. Although based on the history of the Paper, in the movie, the main character named Charles Foster Kane, who is going to the kid’s poor, from the interior to the owner-of-a-lot-of-journalism, and advertising.

Zodiac (2007)

The zodiac is settled in the United States in the 60’s and 70’s. The serial killer sends letters to encriptografadas for three of the newspapers, assuming it is murder, and threatening to make the other, if these letters were not published. The cartoonist of the newspaper (Jake Gyllenhaal) deciphers the letters and decides to investigate the identity of the killer, aided and abetted by a police reporter (Robert Downey, Jr.).

A reporter and cartoonist for a newspaper to try to break the card of a serial killer, the Zodiac. Play it to the web.
All of the Men of the President (1976)

In the film, the nature of the historical situation in the United States in the early part of the decade of the 70’s and the reports of the investigative journalism that led to the resignation of then-president Richard Nixon. Based on fact, the film shows scenes of the historic, combined with those which have been recorded by actors.

Elite squad 2: the Enemy is now Another (2010)

Although it does not specifically deal with journalism, the film ” Elite Squad 2, it illustrates the difficult reality that the journalists are in brazil. Brazil is one of the most dangerous countries for the profession, according to the united Nations, unesco: United nations Educational, scientific and cultural organization (Unesco).

The actress Tainá Müller plays a reporter in the movie Tropa de Elite 2. Play the web
Press (until 2018)

Fiction series from the BBC that follows the routine of two major newspapers: The Herald, the newspaper of the left, which is struggling to adapt to the era of digital news, the Post, and a very successful tabloid, populist. They both occupy the same block as, and compete with the news of the day.

Series Of The Press. Play it to the web.
Following the Story (2018)

The original series from BuzzFeed, which is produced in with the Series. Each episode comes with both reporters (from BuzzFeed to investigate themes, unusual, and controversial, in addition to articles published on politics, culture, technology, and performance, with a check of the data, as an ally.

Scandal (2012)

In the series shown by the ABC, which takes place in Washington, dc, tells the story of Olivia Pope, played by Kerri Washington, and former press assistant at the White House, who currently leads the office of crisis management.

The news is a lot of hard work, determination, and a check of the data. Always cross-check the information before you share it.

Happy Day of the Journalist. <3

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