The Marvel Studios are preparing for the introduction of Amadeus Cho in the MCU


The HN Entertainment it states that the Marvel Studios it is also preparing for the introduction of the Amadeus Cho in the USING.

The speculation is that the introduction of the character, it can be done She-Hulk, with the most prominent later in the series of the The agents of ATLAS.

Features it was considered by the Reed Richards as the seventh smartest person in the world. In the year 2015, following changes to the Why becoming too dangerous to Bruce Banner, Amadeus has created a method that, using nanotechnology, have transferred the gene that was in the Why the body of the Bruce for your very own. Them it came to be in the Fully Incredible Hulk.

Rumor: the Hulk, Amadeus Cho, you can be on your way to USING soon ...

In the universe of film from Marvel comics this started in 2008 through the movie The man in the Iron produced by Robert Downey Jr.. under the direction of the Jon Favreau. Currently, the USING it is made up of 23 films, 6 short films and 11 serials.

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