The Montreux Jazz Festival releases more than 50 shows for free online


The Montreux Jazz Festival has released the 50-week-long tour in full and for free on the internet, and by releasing a part of its collection for the enjoyment of the music lovers during the period of quarantine due to a pandemic of a coronavirus.

One of the most famous music festivals in the world, the Montreux Jazz Festival was held in 1967, within the united kingdom. Initially, the goal was to make a reference to jazz, but little by little, the event has opened the doors to other genres, from rock to hip-hop to even influences, the group Is the brunette dancer performed there in 1997.

In addition to the band in bahia, other, brazil have performed at the iconic festival, the swiss, such as Tom Jobim, Gilberto Gil, Elis Regina, Marisa Monte, Gal Costa, and Maria Bethânia, among others. However, there is no show and the artists is available in this catalogue, free of charge.

On the show, James Brown, is one of the attractions that are availableOn the show, James Brown, is one of the attractions that are availableSource: Qello Playback

In the video, which can be accessed free of charge until the 18th of April, and are on the shows of the big names in the music industry, spanning a variety of genres. There are performances by James Brown, Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Quincy Jones, Marvin Gaye, Phil Collins, Etta James, Alanis Morissette, Suzanne Vega, Santana, Deep Purple, Stray Cats, Korn, Alice Cooper, Run DMC, and many more.

How to gain access to

When it comes to watching a show at the Montreux Jazz Festival for free, it is necessary to gain access to the site and enter the code FREEMJF1M in the field. Then, enter your e-mail address, create a password, and then click on “Continue”.

Now you just have to click on the “Start Watching”, and choose the show you want to watch it, the link to the The Montreux Jazz Festival. It is possible to gain access to the contents of your computer, smartphone, and tablet.

Tip: when you sign up to watch all the shows in the festival, in Montreux, you can also check out the free part of the archive of the platform, Qello, and during the same time period. There are performances, documentaries, and other types of content that are related to music.