“The New Mutants” find themselves without a date for the release


The Marvel Studios and Disney they announced several release dates for all of your projects The New Mutants it was not at all. Right now, the fans are starting to wonder if the film was engavetado from time to time, after all the hopes they had raised.

For a while The New Mutants it is without a release date. The Marvel Studios and Disney did not announce a date, which is kind of odd, considering that it would have to come to the movies today. Originally, the film was supposed to arrive at the theaters about two years ago, in April of 2018.

With the acquisition of Fox by the Disney it didn’t help anything, though, and the fans have received good news at the beginning of the year, the project has received a release date on the ground. Now, we have already begun speculation as to the release of the film in Disney’s +.

The five young mutants realize the scope of their powers, and deal with the traumas of the past as they are being held against their will in an accident in a hospital.

The cast of characters we have Anya Taylor-Joy (Fragmented) as a Magic, Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) as Lupinathe brazilian Henry On The Back (13 Reasons Why), such as The Sunspot, Charlie Heaton (Stranger Things), as The missile and The Blu-Um how toDanielle Moonstar.