The private diary of the great plague


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1. The university
they are closed, but classes will continue. In the distance, I on the one hand, the students
on the other one. I don’t care. The dream for many years, with the possibility that, every now and
more and more close to, to teach from the end of the bed. It’s an old dream come true, and that he was
the student, in reading a biography of Isaiah Berlin, the text of the
phd. Seems to be The large from the book (leave a comment
brother!), it was his tutoring of the bed. I don’t know if it was wearing pyjamas and a dressing gown, but the
I will, when the time comes, don’t dispensarei the props.

Of course
not everything is perfect: with a female doctor, toiling day and night in the
the hospital, and a child of 4 years old, which did not come with a remote control, a couple of lessons
they are given in a state of panic. In this case, the situation is understandable to have a child
interfere with the right of the screen when I’m concentradíssimo to speak about the ways
for the determination of. What do they do?

now, there are the bribes: if it doesn’t bother you, the lord, the teacher for the next two hours,
you can eat all the chocolate you understand. The mother, of course, doesn’t help.
I hope that the diabetes do not spoil our little secret.

2. The quarantine will have on me the same effect as alcohol), or a memory of alcohol, and a dream of a love triangle. During this period to diffuse it, I’m not awake, I can swear that I can feel the smell of the earth. Or the fresh cut grass. In or out of the sea. I can feel the wind, the rain and the sun on your skin. I feel the noise of the city, the smell of the warm food, the sound of the nearby restaurants. I can hear the conversation unclear of the coffee. I… Mariah Carey. To be forgiven?

The dream for many years, with the possibility that, every now and again closer to you, to teach from the end of the bed. It’s an age-old dream, one that comes from the time of the student’s

It is
at the time that the agreement, by the sound of the Hero.
Three weeks ago, which is: in the center of the top, with no other occupation that is audible to the
the vault welcomes you in the morning, with a warranty. Mariah Carey’s ever-present, but the
Celine Dion or Christina Aguilera will also appear on the stage. There is a clear
the preference for the divas of pop music, which made him scream in a row. The difference
despite all of this, is that Mariah or Celine can issue a sentence in part without the
the large variations in scale. My neighbor starts in c major and end in and of itself
g in the space of a single second of it. Or is it the talent or is it a form of torture
the CIA might want to check out Earlier.

Not for me
by making use of. Jumping out of bed, enfio the CD in the machine, and the bombing of the building in the So, Here’s A Good To Tooduet of the
Dominguinhos e Chico Buarque. It may be my impression, as a result of this delusion, but it
I swear I’ve listened to the applause of the other residents in the neighborhood.

3. There’s some good surprises
in these times of plague. One of them was a re-encounter, virtual, via, Zoom, you, with
students that have not met each other it had been 30 years ago. The team has to kill the
the time before that and the time to kill us.

There were the rules. Each one of you should wear a suit or dress for the ceremony. And you show up with a bottle of champagne just for the toast at a distance. To stick to. All of you go. At the appointed time, 28 of them showed up. It was supposed to be 30, but the two are no longer with us.

the first gift was for them both to be missing. The second is for those in attendance. The
third, the patient with the symptoms of the corona; light). And on the other, to
presentations: each and every one of them was about what you have done with your life, and what did not, and the
I would like to have it done. As a general rule, there are no major regrets. Not
full of surprises: the idea is that you get older it only works with strangers. For
those who met him in his teenage years, it’s amazing how little we have changed. Yes,yes,
on the surface, there is a less hair, more wrinkles, a little bit more of the wine.

under the tyranny of the flesh, and the whole of the us was 14 years old. The smile of the
14, or in the preoccupation of a 14-or, in the vanity of 14, or in the gloom of the 14. I
for instance, in the gloom of the 14. That’s what she said the first girl,
they reminded the audience that the day I met you. And what you thought about it seriously
in life, after a long discussion about the futility of it all. All
a comma-except in the love of that laughter, even temporary death.” (dixit). In that sentence! There has been praise for
both in the past. Few have emulated the sound of vomit (you know who you are).

I said that in my defence? Nothing. Crying, blushing, laughing, there I was, the
14, the face pale, thin as a ghost, dreaming of Naples and the tb
until you find the one face in the Summer, and I took that as a loser. You know
also, for a very little bit, I became a poet?

It was night.
All the bottles were empty. And the life, the life of the tank sucked in
while in the water. They were promised that the next show will be live, please
alive, when the pestilence to pass. Drunk, they all applauded the idea, and with the
absolutely sure, yet peaceful, not to us, we will meet again.

Content edited by: Marcio Antonio Campos