the schedule of Easter for kids and adults alike


This Easter will be marked in history for the ills of today. Without a doubt, it will be a different day than expected, however, there is plenty of entertainment to celebrate the date on the inside of the home. From animated movies, to the classics of the action-we can’t stop having because of the stories. The It Facts brings you the very best suggestions for tv programs and to this end-of-the-week.

April 10,

The marathon The academy of the Police force, Fox Movies (11: 30am)

Fox Movies is going to show all of the films in the Police Academy, from 11: 30 until 19h55. Made in the 80’s, the play was a huge success at the box office. The series on the adventures of a cadet in the Police Academy, where the chaos, madness and destruction is a constant. The cast list is based on the famous comedians, such as Steven Guttenberg, Kim, Castral, G. W. Bailey, Bubba Smith.

Raining Meatballs, RTP2 (13h40)

Flunt Lockwood is a young scientist who has a dream of creating an invention that will allow it to be recognized by the people of Boca Grande, a small island in the Atlantic ocean, and will do anything to get it. One day, he creates a machine that can turn water into food. However, the need for so much electricity to power it, which ends up losing control and she ends up disappearing into the sky. If you think you have lost it on the machine, it begins to rain hamburgers in the city. The animated film is the ideal place to gather everyone on the sofa.

At-Home d-Amália rodrigues, RTP1 (22h45)

Photography (RTP) / Diffusion

The RTP1 debut in a program inspired by the famous days of the Portuguese fado singer Amalia Rodrigues, she received the home visits. From poets, singers, painters, musicians, actors, and a lot of the names that sit with Amalia for a get-together, which lasted for the whole night. Produced by José Gonçalez, the main focus is on the culture, history, and destiny. In a discussion that will bring together many well-known names, are present in some of the figures in Portuguese music of today, as in Ricardo Ribeiro, Dino D ‘ Santiago, Custody of the Castle, and Ana Moura.

On April 11,

A Mother’s DayCanal Cinemundo (12: 30)

Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson at the helm, the play brings to us the story of several women who are going to think about the weight of the mother. Sandy is a single parent and do not agree with the fact that it has been replaced by a younger woman. Already, Miranda is a famous writer who, if he sins, he gave his daughter, Kristen, to be adopted, and that now that he’s on the verge of forming his own family, he decides that it’s time to find your mother and make amends. Jesse, your best friend, you realise just how far away it is from the mother, and seeks to strengthen those ties. The women’s personalities, and different stories are going to intersect in a way that is unexpected.

In Larry Crowne, Hollywood (13: 15)

To be laid off, Larry Crowne was leading a team of salespeople in a store. In order to start again, to go to college, and then you discover a whole new perspective on life, and at the same time she fell in love with one of the teachers. The romantic comedy film is starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.

Stockholm syndrome, TVCine (19h55)

The assault has given rise to the term “Stockholm Syndrome”.

The film is based on the true-life story of the famous and the absurdity of the assault which gave rise to the term ‘Stockholm Syndrome’, in which it defines the mental state of someone, it is subjected to a prolonged period of bullying, they start to feel empathy for the abuser. In 1973, an ex-convict goes on to the bank Kreditbanken in Stockholm, and that makes it hostage while negotiating with police, and gets the attention of the world. The play, performed by Robert Budreau has a cast of names such as Mark Strong, Noomi Rapace, Ethan Hawke.

We Are Here ForSIC (21: 30)

The new programme will be chosen the brand with the debut of Alexandra Lencastre at the train station. The bet in a debate on the relevance of the social isolation and aims to “give a voice to those heroes who make a difference”.

The Ten Commandments, AMC (23h43)

The film goes through the history of the life of Moses, from the time that he was found floating as a baby in the Nile River, until it was a long and hard struggle to free the hebrews from slavery at the hands of the egyptians. Made in 1956 by Cecil B. De Mille, it is one of the most popular and historical films, along with “gone with The Wind”, produced during the classic era of Hollywood.

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