The son of Halle Berry, is the target of homophobia, after playing in high heels

Halle Berry (Play)


The son of a Halle Berry he was the target of the comments I repeat: on the social networks, following the actress ‘ post a funny video of a little boy having fun with his high-heeled boots.

In the middle of the vault, the artist has shared a video of relaxing for the young Maceo, six years ago, it appears, trying to climb up the stairs of their home by using the shoes.

In the comments, this is the time of fun between mother and son, was seen as an ill omen by some of the visitors, who fired at the child. “I just hope that this one will be a daughter,” said one. “Unfortunately, this is her son…,” answered the other.

When you see the “comment problem”, the actor commented on the freedom that exists in his creation: “He is a boy and you’re having fun”. Shortly thereafter, the Hollywood star spoke about the stresses of quarantine.

“Trying to do the best they can be. A laugh goes a long way right now!!! It is difficult for these children. We’re going to laugh, and to be more compassionate,” he said of the eternal Storm-from the X-men.