The TOP 10 of the Best Supporting roles in the 2000’s


Michael Caine and Angelina Jolie to Heath Ledger, and Penelope Cruz, Billy Pepper, reviews of the TOP 10 winners of the academy award for Best Actor and Actress in Supporting roles.

10. TILDA SWINTON, as the “RISK behavior”

To get a list, I get this Tilda Swintonwinner of the academy award for Best Supporting Actress in 2008 for “Conduct Risk”.

It’s not that it’s the best job on the Tilda Swintonpasses-far from it in fact, but she was able to pull a performance interesting because of the dubiety of the strength of the actions that you need to make it as a lawyer and at the same time, the moral weight of the decisions that he makes for the purpose.

To Be Blanchett he could have won an Oscar as Bob Dylan in I’m Not There”, on the other hand, the lack of recognition of the Tilda’s in the movies, such as “We Need To Talk About Kevin” and – “Suspiria” just by getting this award is one way the Academy has already recognized, one of the main ones at the moment.


The first position is with Angelina Jolie, winner of the academy award for Best Supporting Actress in 2000 for “Girl, Interrupted”.

Before it became a symbol of american cinema and humanitarian law around the world, Angelina Jolie has won the only Oscar of his career with a job in a more daring one. In the presence of an enigmatic scene, full of sensuality and to create a good combination with Winona Ryder.


Penelope Cruz won the Oscar in 2009 for Best Actress in Supporting role, with the work in “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”.

Woody Allen he places his honor in the Almodovar the journey of the Spanish, through the character of Penelope Cruz. Very sensual, and attitude, it creates a trade-off interesting is the weakness of neuras-of Scarlett Johansson in a love triangle full of chemistry with Javier Bardem.

In fact, it’s one of the great works of Penélope Cruz, though, my vote would have gone to Viola Davis for “Doubt”, which is, even in a single scene, dominating the film.


Following the class, latino, Benicio del Toro won the academy award in 2001 for performance inTraffic”.

Even with a roster packed with stars of the caliber of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Benicio del Toro steals the show in her appearance. The enigmatic figure of a stranger, the hero is dubious, combines it with the complexity of the subject of the film.

I love the acting of Albert Finney in “Erin Brokovichalso nominated that year, but it is such a great Benicio del Toro, the Oscar was in good hands with us.


One of the biggest names in the history of the american cinema, the Morgan Freemanhe won a single Oscar. It was in 2005, with the “Golden Girl”.

Morgan Freeman’s does not differ from the performances, the classical career of it: moderation, calm, quiet, and a look that says beyond a thousand words. In a victory for the whole of the work.


The fifth spot in this TOP 10 is Rachel Weisz for “The Gardener’s Way”, a film directed by Fernando Meirelles.

Rachel lights up the screen every time they are on the scene. It is as a campaigner against the abuses of the pharmaceutical industry in Africa is full of courage, and the worry of how to love the wife of a diplomat and lived in by Ralph Fiennes. It’s so good that you could play easily in the major category.

The american actress had a good competition as Michelle Williams, “theThe Secret of the Brokeback The Mountain” and Frances McDormand for “Cold Land”, but didn’t have the slightest chance of her losing the prize.


The greatest actress of a generation, it Be Blanchett she was awarded the first Oscar of his career in 2005 with “The Aviator”. At the time Martin Scorsese, she plays the role of Katherine Hepburn.

The accent is loaded in the way you rushed off the floor and into the presence is always noticeable in the scene to Be Blanchett don’t shy away from its challenge is to live out of a Hollywood icon. All of this without resorting to fads that are seen in so many cinebiografias.

This is a such a good job that the us regrets that it does not take much space in the story as I would have liked. Even with all that, the Oscar that should have gone to the Natalie Portman, the unforgettable in “Closer”.


By opening up to the podium with this TOP 10 list it is the Catherine Zeta-Jones, who won the academy award for Best Supporting Actress for “Chicago” in 2003.

The While Jones steals the movie Renee Zellwegger. Not only a dancer and a singer, the most complete of his co-worker, but to have a character that can go from drama to humor, full of cynicism, in a short period of time. A song of desperation, it was already enough to win the prize.

Even though I love the Meryl Streep in Adaptation, and Julianne Moore for “The Hours”, there was no way that Oscar did not go to the a Zeta-Jones.


The silver medal is Javier Bardem as the memorable villain in “theWhere the Weak do Not Have the Time”.

The killer with no motives apparent, deciding the fate of the one who is in the front with good luck, a symbol of the world and immoral in the masterpiece of the brothers Magnum it would be enough for any good actor to shine through. Javier Bardem, however, goes beyond the personification of the psychopathy Curious Chigurh the way the floor is calculated and drawn, eyes unable to see a human in front of her, and the morbid enjoyment of violence.

Even having made so many great characters on the side of the major directors, this is the role that defines the career of Javier Bardem. A detail of the unjust, of the Oscar 2008 in the category of actor in a supporting role, is that Paul dano, as the “Black Blood”, was left off the list of nominees. Unbelievable.


There was no way to be a little different: Heath The Ledger this is the best performance winner in the category of supporting roles in the Oscar award in the year 2000.

The Heath The Ledger is at the heart of “Batman – The Dark Knight,” and is largely responsible for the film to have been a turning point in the way that the movies are based on Comics that are seen today. Same Anton Chigurhthe Joker, Ledger’s is a fascinating figure by focusing on the chaos as an inherent element of a human being, he’s just the champion to do so. This is the enigma of the villain, who acts for no reason allow it a construction that is fabulous, from the visual to the speech of the character.

From my point of view, if I had to choose between the Joker, him and Joaquin Phoenix, my vote would go with Heath Ledger.