The Witcher 3 will record the best year in sales ever since the launch of


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A certain amount of Geralt of Rivia you just register with another country’s financial. The Witcher 3 it sold more in 2019 than in any year from the target date of 2015. The figures have been singled out in a the report the financial CD Projekt Red the results obtained in 2019.

According to the document, about 7 million copies to date they were sold in the past year. Already in 2015, have been sold around 9.5 million people. Thus, the title of the CD Projekt Red exceeded 28 millions of units have been sold.

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The report also notes that PC players have been the ones that have contributed the most to this significant sale in 2019 at the latest. Also, it’s one of those players, the records of sales by platform in 2016, 2017 and 2018. Already in the version of the Switch the sum to only 11 per cent of sales.

The Effect Of Netflix

The one that has yet to be written, then don’t need to have any document that: a Lot of it is probably due to the adaptation of the story of the The Witcher for the series of Netflixcreated by Henry Cavill. It was during the show’s first season, for example, that the Steam they recorded a peak in the record of the players playing in the third, the adventure of the magician.

Speaking of change and the sorcerers

It was during also during the first period mentioned above of, for example, that a lot of people knew about the witch and her figure became popular in the most varied ways, for Brazil and for the world. In Brazil, it is worth remembering the day William Briggs (he’s brazilian) is the winner the coins during their tour of the united states.

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In the most recent of them, William Briggs recorded in your account at Facebook’s approach to his fans at a shopping mall where he was walking. Taking advantage of the opportunity, and some of the fans, posed for photos and made reference to the song “Toss of the coin to your Witcher / Put a coin in its duration”. Check it out:

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Will be held this Saturday, Luke and the other young man recognized me in a mall and made it a point to give you a changed, pro wizard! I) – S2 (#thewitcher Thank you for your kindness, my dear! S2

The melody is addictive, and the song is dedicated to the wizard’s voiced by Briggs viralizou among the fans of the franchise. Remember, if you’ve forgotten it), here’s the song performed by the character Jaskier.

The original version

The dubbed version

The expressions for the work of the Briggs further evidence for the preferred case that the brazilians are the versions of dubbed films, tv series, and, in some cases, video games as well. The first season of the The Witcher it is available to subscribers of the Netflix.

Talking about dinalready saw a brazilian actress Vera Holtz in saying that, it is in The Witcher?

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