The world in a Positive or ” One World: megashow-online-organised by the Lady Gaga gets a date and a time


One World: megashow-online-organised by the Lady Gaga gets a date and a time, - 1

A megashow, with the names of heavy music, and the movie is going to happen on the 18th of April and will be broadcast live by all major streaming services in the world. The One World: Together at Home it is being set up, and have the show of Lady Gaga and they will provide you with the names, as it Was Eilish, Elton John, Paul McCartney, Alanis Morissette, Andrea Bocelli and Chris Martin, among many others, are all making presentations in their homes and in front of an audience in a digital global.

The concert will be held at 21h on the Saturday (the 18th), and it is the largest ever organised for the Global Citizen, which is already a few weeks ago, has been working on a series of shows, the virtual, with the artists playing in the house. The idea is, of course, is to bring the entertainment to those who are confined there, and to support the initiatives of the new coronavirus, with the financial support to physicians and healthcare professionals, in addition to those affected by the economic crisis, they came up with, by using organizations with regional reach such as UNICEF and the food bank in a different country.

As I said, the shows will appear on the major streaming services, and the list is almost as large as that of the artist. They are part of the contract to Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Apple, and Amazon’s Prime Video, in addition to china’s Alibaba. Of course, tv channels, and streaming services are also a part of the contract, with names such as Demand, Yahoo! The BBC, ABC, MTV, NBC, TuneIn and CBS are also doing exhibits in its cross-platform.

In addition to this, Apple has announced a donation of US$ 10 million, adding to a total of US$ 35 million to the Global Citizen has raked in over the last week, as part of an initiative led by Lady Gaga. All in all, 68 companies have, which would also include the labor and equipment used for the transmission of the artists will be held. One of the values is passed on to a charity who provides free delivery on the masks, and protective materials for the health care professionals, as well as a respirator and other gadgets that help people who are ill.

In spite of this, according to the organization, and the One World: Together at Home it is not an event of the project, which means that the ordinary people can not donate at this time, despite the fact that the site of the event to indicate the different initiatives of solidarity, which the public can participate in. The main idea is, for us, it’s entertainment, and while the presence of artists and celebrities are increasing awareness among the big companies on the need to take action at this point in the pandemic, as well as to put pressure on government to maintain the measures, and the focus of this sticky situation.

Other concerts that have been held from time to time by Global Citizen with the same focus, with Instagram as the main platform. These have featured such greats as Shawn Mendez, Camila Cabello, Gloria Gaynor, Jack Johnson, Common, John Legend, and Charlie Puth, and with the integrity which can be found on the website of the organization.

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