TMDQA! interview by: BENEE from the hit “Supalonely, it is make your promo go viral on the TikTok, the future of music, and more


The disclosure

If you are using the app TikTokit’s very likely that you have already encountered, to name a few BENEE you don’t know.

New zealand has become a sensation in the back, and most recently the smash hit “Supalonely” has spawned a dance that is viralizou so awesome. The song is a collaboration with the However Dappertonand it is part of the latest EP from the young man, 20 years old, STELLA & STEVE.

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In spite of accumulating more than 80 million stream it is only with “Supalonely,” the career of the BENEE will go above and beyond. Even with just two EPs under their belts, it has also managed to get the status of hit, the songs “Glitter” and “Soaked”), both of the first EP THE FIRE ON MARZZ. Prior to that, she also released the single, “Tough Guy”, and in the fall of 2017.

By telephone, she received us for a chat with super-friendly and exudes the enthusiasm of those who give their first steps in the music industry. Check it out below!

An interview with BENEE

TMDQA!: Hi BENEE! It is a pleasure to speak with you.” How are things going for you? How is the quarantine?

BENEE: We need your help. I think it has been very good! I’m taking the time to spend time with my family, and everything in between.

TMDQA!: Cool! Well, I wanted to start with you by asking you about the STELLA & STEVEhis most recent work. I just realized that it sounds a bit different to the EP before, with more influences in the new, and especially by taking advantage of a little bit more of the mix of electronic and R&B. You have come up with all these inspirations in mind when he was composing all the songs and everything was flowing naturally?

BENEE: Yes, yes, yes. Look, one thing I try to do it when I’m writing these songs to make them sound different from the last song, which I did. But when I’m writing an album, I’m not writing songs for an album, you know?” I’m not making music to express the way I feel. Do you have music that I have written there are ages, and I was leaving it stored for a long time, and the song that I wrote about sort of four months ago. That’s why I think that, when it comes to making an album, I only picked up songs from all of the posts, and I try to put them together in a way that is going to work out well, but at the same time, to be different from each other, you know?”

TMDQA!: I don’t know. And it doesn’t seem that you have to be ready to simply “embrace” of a sound, and get comfortable out there. You can expect more different things from now on?

BENEE: Yes, most definitely! I’m doing a mix at the moment. Recently, I’ve had a lot of stuff in the uk, and I’m always open to new things, and I’ve tried to make a rap song, but it didn’t work so well… [risos]

TMDQA!: [risos] Well, at least you tried!

BENEE: [risos] Yes, I’ve tried it! I can’t say that I’ve tried! Some things work and others don’t.


TMDQA!: Well, if you had one thing that worked well was to hit the “Supalonely”. Something that caught my attention was the word with the different passages about being sad and alone in the world, but at the same time, the range of viralizou the TikTok and everyone doing the dance. How do you feel about this?

BENEE: I’m glad that people are turning this into something that’s good, that’s for sure! You see this song taking off in its own world, with everyone doing the dances and things like this, it’s amazing, and at the same time, awesome. But yeah, definitely when I was writing this song, I wasn’t exactly happy about it, but I kind of wanted to turn the tables and instead of asking for a song in itself is sad, to do that I would have known that, I would be happy if I were in the position of the listener, you know?” So, it is the letter that is in the middle bad vibes but I really wanted to keep it a little more fun.

TMDQA!: That’s pretty cool, isn’t he? Be able to turn those feelings into positive things, even more so in today’s world where so many people are seeking a place of refuge, a slip of the tongue. In fact, we can say that the dance of the TikTok is very much a part of the success of that song and so many others, even the Drake and launched his challenge in the last few days. How do you see the platform and everything that surrounds it?

BENEE: I think that, for me, is the TikTok has helped a lot. And, at first, to tell you the truth, I didn’t understand very well how it works in the app. [risos] I saw a lot of young people doing the dancing and all that and I was like, “what’s going on here?”. But now that I understand better how it works, and what it is about it, I think it’s pretty crazy. Do you know? This is an idea that you find a song you like, do a dance, and then everyone starts to imitate her dance… I don’t Know, I think it’s pretty awesome.

I didn’t know this before, but now that I know, and I think that it is an online platform that helps you too much, too much, even with the launch of a new artist. “Supalonely and all of the other songs on my own, that are out there, you know, so many people who do not know, and now you know… I like them too much.

TikTok, the viral, and the next steps in the song

TMDQA!: As it should be! And on top of that, the discovery of new music happens to be more organic than we’re used to today. In fact, you’ve probably seen it until Jennifer Lopez took part in a TikTok with your music, do you? And I’ve heard that Elton John also praised…

BENEE: [risos] Dude! The one my agent has shown me almost all of the famous who are doing it. It seems all so surreal to me. I’m watching the YouTubers that I watched when I was about 14 years old doing a dance to the music… that is, well-surreal, and weird. [risos]

TMDQA!: On the other hand, how do you see the pressure of being responsible for a viral hit? Do you think that this will alleviate or worsen things? [risos]

BENEE: [risos] To be honest, I think I’ve been lucky enough to be working with the music and the people who believed in me for a long time. That’s why I think that right now it’s a matter of me opening it to a larger audience, you know?” There are more people listening to me right now. But I think that’s what’s really cool about this process, see the reactions of the people. I try not to think too much about what to do and what not to do, because I feel like if I’m thinking too much, things don’t flow. I’ll just be doing it, and, in the end, I hope people will like it. [risos]

TMDQA!: So you carry on making new music! What’s next for you? It’s an album, an EP…?

BENEE: I’m thinking of making an album, that is my goal. I think that now is the time to make the album, because I threw all my EPs, and I think it’s time to expand this area of work. The idea is to launch by the end of the year, I plan my schedule to post this before, but the situation is the COVID is definitely delayed things a bit, but that’s okay too, it’s something that you need right now. But I hope that by the end of the year, and I hope that people will enjoy it, because I want to do something different.


TMDQA!: We’ll be waiting! Well, I wanted to also note that you should leave some tips for the quarantine of the players. You have heard of or watched to pass the time?

BENEE: I’ve been listening to a lot The Japanese House. To tell you the truth, when I’m at home, I listen to a lot of music all the time — so I don’t know what else to recommend. “Ah! I’m reassistindo Twilight with my very best friends!!! [risos] It is one of the best things in the world to be honest. To let run in the background while we chat [pela internet].

TMDQA!: In the end, the name of our website (in Portuguese), I Have the Most Disks of your Friends. Which drive is your best friend?

BENEE: Oh, what a good question! I just bought a record player, which is much more convenient. Before I got spoiled on all the time to install everything, so right now, I have heard a lot more. Recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of the Connan Mockasinwhich is also here [Nova Zelândia]. So, I would say something to him.

TMDQA!: BENEE, thanks so much for your time!!! I hope that this is the situation of coronavirus is carried out immediately, and we’ll be able to find it here in Brazil. See you next time.

BENEE: I thank you, and I want to visit them as soon as possible!