Twitch is going to allow creators and audiences to see the films and tv shows put together


In a fashion that had become popular among the producers of the content, it’s just that in a very informal way, just to earn official support from Twitch. This Friday (09), and the streaming service has released to developers in the United States for the resource to the Watch Party, which allows them to watch movies and tv shows in a synchronized manner with the audience, with a user interface and unique features.

The system works in a way that is connected to the Prime, the Video streaming platform for content from Amazon, and it has a list of the dedicated options for entertainment. To the top original series for the platform, such as Good Omens, The Boys, Jack Ryan and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel it can also be used at the Watch Parties, as well as licensed and such as Baywatchmovies from the Marvel Star Trek, Hell’s Kitchen and The Vikings. More options are being added in gradually with the company, with the participation of the community in order to populate this list.

In the announcement, the Twitch says it’s more of a measure to bring the people of this period of social isolation, because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus. The company combines the experience of going to see a movie at the movie theater with your friends, with the single difference that, in the streaming platform, no one is going to complain about the fact they are all talking non-stop while in the display case.

By means of the interface of the Watch Party, the user can gain access to the show you are watching right from your Prime Video, and it will also sync your own personal experience to that of the producer of the content. Features such as live chat, emojis, signatures, and / or other financial aid to the designer, are also available, and the idea is that, in return, they have to indicate to your audience that it is possible to gain access to the video platform as soon as the first of the month, setting up a measure to increase the number of subscribers to the service.

The feature of the Watch of the Party, the Twitch allows the producers and the audience is allowed to watch the movies and tv shows from the Prime Video in a synchronised fashion (Picture: Handout/Twitch)

More and more common

Features such as these also show up on other services, such as Facebook, which also allows you to dial from the watch parties, so that the contents are to be watched simultaneously between the community and the farmer. In his own Twitch, it has also been known to happen on a non-official, with the creators, often doing broadcasts and watch reality tv shows, movies, and tv shows, even though the content is not recommended by the platform due to copyright issues.

According to Twitch, the feature is still in Beta stage and can present some problems, as well as how to get the new features in the future. For the moment, there is no sign of a release to the creators of the content outside of the United States of america.