Up in MT, and JS is THE Golden Hand will use the application of mobile it in the video, “She Made a Lomotif”


The new viral hit on the road. It’s a bet on Up into the MT, and JS, with THE Hand of Gold, and later, of the challenges on Instagram, and all of the more than 90 million videos on the TikTok, made with the “Everything’s OK”, will launch on Thursday (9) the music video for “She’s a Lomotif”.

This One’s Easy.

For those who don’t know, Lomotif is an editor who combines the different videos from the roll of the camera is the perfect reminder of the happy times in pre-social isolation. Complying with all of the attention of the World Health Organization, Up to MT and JS files with THE Hand of Gold, and they live together in the same house, and you have shown that you are resting at this time!

The owners of the music heard at the carnival of this year, Up to MT started in the month of April, with more than 4 million listeners monthly on Spotify, while the JS on THE Hand, a Gold, a producer of four of the tacky funks that have broken out in Brazil, “Sentadão”, “Hit-Disposition”, “Surtada” and “it’s OK”, it does not hit the goal of being the region’s most listened in the country, with more than 6.5 million listeners per month.