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On Wednesday (8), the OneRepublic it was announced on their social networks, and the postponement of the release of the album The Human. Yet, just yesterday, the group came up with the behind the scenes video of the recording of the clip Life. The information of the Universal-Music.

Coronavirus: the band OneRepublic will postpone the release of the album

The band has issued a press release relating to the postponement of the The Human in your social networks: Prior to the pandemic, planejávamos release of our album, ‘Human’, on the 8th of may. However, due to the current circumstances which require us to turn away from each other, we have decided to postpone the launch. As many of you know, we have been taking advantage of this unexpected time to write and record some new songs. The song ‘Better Days’, which is now on the new album were written while we were in quarantine, after returning from our tour of europe. Thank you to all of you for sharing your lives with us, so this is a video of the official. We can’t wait to share the new album with you.”published for the members at the official profile for the band.

On the last day of the 25th, the OneRepublic submitted Better Dayswhose video will have the participation of the fans. Up to September, 2020, that part of the proceeds of the song will be donated to the MusiCaresfoundation , which helps people in the music community affected by the pandemic of the coronavirus. The track was written and produced by Ryan Tedder, Brent Kutzle and John, Nathaniel, the co-production of Tyler Spry.

The range of The Human it also brings in the hits Rescue Me, Somebody To Love, Life, in addition to his most recent single, Didn’t Iwhose music video has already been viewed more than Over 6.4 million times.