What are you not I expected! Kim Karadashian is back to shake up the market with a new product


The entrepreneur launched its new line of girdles-reducing for the season 2020. “Skims” as decided to call the new product is already on sale.

What had been a total success in sales and reviews, Kim Kardashian re-launch it to the market with a new design even better than those featured in 2018.

In order to formalize the launch Kim public on his official Instagram a picture of herself using the new dress that stunned everyone with its beauty.

The brand of Kardashian, that had been denounced as cultural appropriation because his first name had been “Kimono”, back in the game this season with the collection “Smooth Essentials”.

The bands come in five tonal colors and must say that the variety in sizes is excellent, as it goes from XXS up to 4XL, so as not to leave anyone out.

In the publication, the model he took the opportunity to ask his followers to enter into the official website and be able to get early entrance to the store.

The day yesterday began the sale and at the moment it seems to have the same success as on previous occasions, so soon, everything seems to indicate that it wore down the clothes, as always happens with the products of the successful businesswoman.