What conflict in the door? The Jonas Brothers star in a terrible fuss with… just the Images sensitive!


So generate the Kardashian sisters are always present if it is that scandal is all about, but on this occasion, to the astonishment of all the main characters were The Jonas Brothers who wanted to imitate the celebrities.

Through his account of Tik Tok, followed with the famous americans in one of the last episodes of their reality show.

In the video, you will observe the interpreters of “What A Man’s Gotta Do” with their roles fairly defined, and apparently were pre-staging.

The husband of Sophie Turner did Kim and outlined a “don’t be rude”, and that way began to hit his brother Nick, who officiated from Khloé.

It should be noted that the eldest of the brothers was not far behind and decided to interpret to Kourtney, who was passing by in front of the camera, that way the famous singers participated in the recording.

Joe is without a doubt the most active in social networks, and daily share with us your own material and the rest of the Jonas, leaving it that way very pleased all of his fans.

The settlers from New Jersey they managed to entertain all visitors with this material, and even Kim Kardashian took it with much humor.