What will be the next hero in the Marvel comics, to die. See you!


In many ways, the MCU looks for a series whose episodes do you watch in the cinema. And, as with many series, the modern, and the MCU has killed all the characters in ways shocking, and emotionally charged.

There has been a lot of deaths of characters and anything else in the MCU, Natasha Romanoff, the Groot.

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The death of Tony Stark-it will be hard to beat, but the deaths of the characters, it still didn’t stop. Most characters will die when the Phase 4 starts.

So, here are ten characters who can be tagged for the next big death in the MCU.

Many of the fans did not expect Me to survive the Upcoming Deadline, but thankfully, he made it through to the end. It was Tony Stark who died on the field of battle, while Steve Rogers has returned to the past, and it has aged gracefully.

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The survival of the “Thor” has paved the way for the Taika Waititi continues his renovation of a character I Love, and Thunder.

But, Chris Hemsworth, without a doubt, you’ll want to move on to other projects in the short, Jane Foster, has been announced as the replacement for the Thor, for the God of Thunder, to die at the end-of-Love-and-Error.

It has been reported that the next round of the Disney+, WandaVision, if you connect it directly with the Doctor’s Strange when I first Saw it in the Madness. The Scarlet Witch will be in a supporting role in the latter, the main theory is that of the fans, it’s that she’s going to change the fabric of reality in the WandaVision before you help the Sorcerer Supreme, to fix it on your next adventure in the soil.

While Dr. Strange and the Scarlet Witch and dive into the next-and possibly facing a terrible villain in the second series, there is a chance that the Scarlet Witch would have to die.

Hank Pym was in its heyday of the superhero in the ‘ 60s, and he isn’t getting any younger. Michael Douglas said he would love to make it a prelude to all-digital over-the new adventures of Hank the Wasp Janet Van Dyne during the Cold War, it can be a lot of fun.

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But in the present day, it is possible that There is not going to survive for very much longer. In a future movie, the Man in-Ant (although it’s not necessarily the Man-Ant, and 3) it could be a scene at his funeral.

The main goal of the Upcoming Deadline was to mark the end of a saga that began with a montage of the six Avengers and the key is in its start-up team in 2012. However, only one-half of the six Stars ended their arcs in the movie.

Clint Barton is scheduled to train his successor, But Since the number-of-energy-used at Disney and a+, with Hailee Steinfeld, being speculated for the role.

Clint would retire as a farmer with his wife and children, but that would be the easiest output. In the end hard it would be to shoot him terribly, as he handed the torch to Arrive.

The MCU has deceived us with so many fake deaths, to the director of SHIELD, Nick Fury, and who, when he’s inevitably killed in action, but it may not be a complete shock. So, in the Marvel comics, you really have to rack your brains to give you some kind of impact in his death.

He could be killed in a battle with Captain Marvel in his next film, the ground, or something terrible might happen to the ship, from the command-Skrull, in which we have seen in the post-credits scene in Spider-Man: Far away from Home. Days Later, they can be counted on.

When the schedule for the Phase 4 of the MCU, which was announced initially, there seemed to be no room for the Hulk. His arc is complete, that is, the dichotomy of Bruce Banner and the Hulk, it was established in the form of a “Professor Hulk”, and all the best adventures have been portrayed on the screen.

In spite of the fact that Bruce wayne has been confirmed for an appearance on the side of his cousin, Jennifer Walters, in the upcoming series, she-Hulk, he could be the next character to come out.

Technically, the Vision has already had a death scene with an emotional charge, when Thanos tore off the Jewel-like quality in the Minds of your head. On the other hand, it is going to be brought back in some form in the WandaVision.

The theory of fans is that the Scarlet Witch entortará the reality is, to raise it, and you’ll end up spoiling it for you, the universe as a result.

This can lead to some dire consequences – consequences that will require the intervention of Dr. Strange, the Master of the Mystical Arts, that send the Vision to the other in a grave.

When James Gunn was hired to direct Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3, he said it’s the most exciting prospect of the control of the film, it was a chance to shut down the arc of the Rocket in the MCU, and since the Rocket is a character with whom he most identifies.

There are rumors that the Rockets will face their maker at Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 3, or could he find a love interest. But, in the end of the arc of the character in the MCU, it usually means only one thing: death.

With Steve Rogers out of the picture, there is not a lot of room in the MCU for a Bucky Barnes. The Marvel universe would be a great partnership for Bucky and Sam Wilson to come to the Disney’s the+, but Bucky found his own peace.

The bow, it was over. There is a little bit more for him to do so.

Keep it close by and will have a negative effect on your character. Bucky may be a victim of the upcoming film, the Avengers, or of his death, may result in a final and emotionally charged at the Falcon, and the Soldier in the Winter.

In the past year, fans of the Marvel comics, they were horrified to learn that the conversation had ended between walt Disney and Sony, and Spider-Man go on in the MCU. Fortunately, after that, Tom Holland, has called on the presidents of the companies, and the negotiations went back on track, and the purpose of the incarnation of the Spider-Man in the MCU, it will return.

It will show up in the movie ground to end the trilogy, independent, and also has a role in another movie in the MCU, which is still to be announced. To get Spider-Man in the MCU, and then insert it in to the world of Sony, is a full-time, he would be dead in the second film, the mysterious.