Wonder woman is one of the movies on the TV for the next


The great movies will be shown on TV on Monday (06). One of them is Wonder womanfirst, long the soil, on most of the heroines in the DC Comics; the character that will be in the telinhas of the Telecine Premiumat 22h.

The plot shows the origin of the Amazonfrom his childhood in a Temiscira until his departure for the battle of the First World War. The one who gives life to the Princess Diana it is Gal Gadot.

Another major project is with a female character powerful, it is Lucy. With Scarlett Johansson the main role of the exhibition will take place in the Megapixat the 18.45h.

In this case, it is a very technology-focused. The main character, which also gives its name to the title, it ends up ingesting a drug that develops your mind and your body it dramatically.

Here are some other films that will be shown on Monday, (06):

In the Afternoon session

At 15, the TV Globo it will bring you the most action Rush Hour 3. The film revisits the incredible chemistry of the duo the police formed by the Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

The long-standing issue, and they need to deal with a gangster, that is directly connected to the past Leethe main character of the Chan.

To relax and unwind

The national film and will arrive at telinhas now, with a beautiful stand-up. The Farofeiros it will be shown in the Telecine Pipocato 16 pm, and it promises many laughs as you bring on a journey filled with confusion.

Other, as long as you can open the smiles on the spectators, but also on account of his love affair, it is Love To The Whole Of The Evidence (2011). The film will be on screens in the HBO Familyat 21h40. The story brings the crisis of a marriage, of a man who tries to go out in search of a new relationship with a guardian closer to his family than he had imagined.

The small ones may also be able to have fun with Looking For Dory in the The Disney Channelat 20: 30. The following Security it reverses the roles of the Dory and Nemoin addition to revealing the details of the past of the character in the title.

Action, action, and fantasy

For two long, they promise to bring it to TV, action in the universe, facing the great. One of them is The Legend Of Tarzanthe latest adaptation of a work by the writer Edgar Rice Burroughs.

The The king of the Jungle it is portrayed as almost a super hero, if this is the case, where do his skills go beyond the limits of the human. The film can be viewed on the screen of the Spaceat 17h04.

The The Screen Of Hot it will also cause a lot of action The Great Wallat 23h11. The focus of the plot is a large monument to the chinese for the title, but full of the invasion of monstrous creatures.

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