5 films to watch on holiday

This Friday (the 10th), we’re celebrating one of the most important dates of christianity: the good Friday known as good Friday, a date in over a year that symbolizes and reminds us of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross.

To be a date that is important and do it directly to the Passover, the greatest celebration of christianity, it has since been adapted many times for film, with this in mind, we’ve separated out some of the best films about the Passion of Jesus Christ, for you to get you in the mood for the holiday season.

The passion of the Christ

The adaptation of the most famous and critically acclaimed of good Friday, the long-2044, directed by Mel Gibson, is also one of the film’s topic is the most acclaimed by the critics and by the public, has been, to 2016 is the film for adults, with the highest revenue in the box office.

The film was remarkable for its vision of a more raw and realistic to date, giving to even quite a distress in the climax of the film, because of the pain that Jesus felt, that he is unable to move on the screen.

In the movie, and on top of that it was filmed in Latin and aramaic, the languages which Jesus spoke about during his life on Earth, bringing you even more of a sense of realism to the viewer, which adds to the final days of Jesus up to the crucifixion.

The Last Temptation of Christ

The other great filmmaker from the take care of of an adaptation of the life of Jesus Christ, which was Martin Scorcese, who, along with Willem Dafoe in the leading role, brought a much more human Jesus, apart from a slightly different angle on the life of jesus.

The film, released in 1988, and is based on the book of the same name by Níkos Kazantzákis, published in 1951, is not having such a relationship with the texts of the bible.

In addition to the showing of the human life of Jesus, and the movie brings up a great point at the time of the crucifixion: on the brink of making his sacrifice for all of humanity, Jesus, imagine how his life would be if I had not accepted his divine mission, pointing out how his mission was not an easy one.

Jesus Christ Superstar

In spite of the controversy, for some of us, the adaptation of the musical of the career of Jesus the Christ has an audience of very loyal, both to the music of Broadway, and the long, back to the future two years ago.

It was stuffed with pop songs and a style of the rock opera, the music does live up to the story in the bible, but in a way that only music is capable of doing, and to involve members of the public.

Mary Magdalene

A figure that is constantly associated with Jesus, Mary Magdalene, one of his greatest disciples and friends, being rare even in the passages of the bible.

Ricardo Tozzi e Gabriel Braga Nunes, for some the Passion of the CristoClaro that respect are also adaptations, including the series of the Madeleine, which is available through Netflix, and in the movie ” Mary Madaelna, Universal Pictures released in 2018 at the earliest, with our the joker Joaquin Phoenix in the cast.

In search of a new way of life, despite the pressures of society, family, and the sexism of some of the apostles, of the young fishermen, Mary Magdalene (Rooney Mara) joins with Jesus (Joaquin Phoenix) on his tireless mission to spread the faith.


More of a classic film that brings to the pass-through of the Passion of the Christ, Ben-Hur has won two versions of the film, both of which are based on the book Ben-Hur: a story of the times of Christ.

In the original version and, from 1959, has led the eleven Oscars from twelve nominations (best picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actor in a Supporting role, Best Art Direction – Decoration, Color, Best cinematography-Color, Best Costume design Color, Best Special Effects, Best Editing, Best Music, and Best Sound Recording).

However, Jesus did not appear, and is only mentioned for the fact that it has changed the long-in 2016, Jesus has been played by Rodrigo Santoro, and participating in more of the story, and even showing up at the crucifixion.