At the time of the coronavirus, a movie can be a good choice for the holiday season at Canaan Online Canaan,


What are your plans for this holiday? At the time of the pandemic and the advice to keep it isolated, the web Merchant has a list of movies and tv shows for you to maratonar during the good Friday 10.

Ladies and gentlemen, ready your popcorn, juice, soda, tissues, emojis, and the soul in order to give you a good laugh, thrill, thrill, and sharing of emotions for the next hour or so.

In the list on the Portal to Canaan, you can find many different genres of movies and tv shows, to stop the boredom for a while, and for a moment, forget about the “as the coronavirus,” but, of course, all of this, without the leave of the house, in order to guarantee your safety and the safety of your family and friends.

For those who love action, thrill and a twist of suspense, The dark: The end the End, it might be a good option for you. The film takes the sixth place in the preferences of brazilians, and it tells the story of an elite sniper and a policeman whose mission is to hold the godfather of the drug trafficking of colombia. In turn, the movie has the Look of an Angel brings in her cast of singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, Jim Caviezel, and the brazilian star Sonia Braga. After you manage to escape the ambush with the help of a mysterious man who is a police officer which he or she lives ” J-Lo is forced to face the secrets of her past. In the movie 2001, it occupies the 8th place in the Series.

The film ” Miracle in Cell 7, and it tells the story of Memo, a single parent who suffers from an intellectual disability, and that he has been arrested for the death of the daughter of a strict master. The load on this dramatic revolves around a father who tries to prove his innocence, to live with his daughter First. The film not only brings out the emotion in the game’s story and in their music. The other drama is that you can’t get off of their list, that is, The amount of a long-in 2002, directed by Roman Polanski, and it depicts the life of a pianist, a jew, during the Second World War, and the Invasion of Poland. The book was nominated for the seven orcars.

But if you’re the type that likes to put his head to think, Well this is the place to go. The film is intriguing and full of suspense goes on within the walls of a prison, where the prisoners need to learn a lesson in empathy.
The lessons that can be drawn from A Lord to an Intern is that no one is too old which do not have the benefit of learning and interacting with the modern world, and that no one is too young that you will not be able to inspire the older ones. In the movie, he has the squad no more no less than Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway, tells a beautiful story of a friendship that was born and grew up in an old building, from the manufacture to your address book.

But if it’s romance you want, here is a list of potential films that might make you laugh, cry, and fall in love all at the same level. So Amazing, Forrest Gump, The boundaries of a Kiss To All the Kids who Already Loved To All the Boys Who’ve Loved it: PS: I Still Love You, in Love, in work, in The Mystery of the Mediterranean sea, The Date is Perfect, Your Plan is Flawed, As I was in front of You, Miracles, Heaven, the Squad as a Suicide bomber, Where he Is the Second To the Last Man, Bird, Box, Boy, that it had to be the Wind, and The Irish.

For those who enjoy a bowl of popcorn and a horror movie, and an Apostle, and A Place that is Quiet, the Invocation of Evil (I, and II, and Eli, is a good thing.But if you would prefer to maratonar watching the series, and it still did not fell in love for the raiders most loved in the world, now’s the time to get to know the story of the professor and his group of thieves from the House in the Paper, the grade is in 1st place in the preference of brazilians, followed by a Toy-Boy, Vis-a-Vis, Stranger Things, Sex, Education, Dark, Her, Breaking Bad, Game Of Thrones, Black Mirror, Elite, Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, and the Chernobyl disaster.

Now you can take your pick and enjoy the holiday season with the FicaEmCasa