Bel Powley, “I Can be humble and ambitious at the same time.”


Is a best-seller for young adults, it becomes a romantic comedy, neurotically cute. Susan Johnson, adapted on the novel by Caren Lissner, as if it were a manual to help entertain teens. The film was at TIFF in Toronto and has been bought to the Uk and he was then to remain in the unit. Now it is finally available at the club for a video of the tour operators, and it has Bel Powley, Nathan Lane, and is a veteran of Gabriel Byrne in the cast.

The story tells of the trials and tribulations of a young prodigy who comes out of Harvard for 18 years, and to see if you are in a crisis of identity in the city of New York. While reading his, he lives alone, has no friends and lacks the skills for social to get to know some new friends. Your life can begin to change when his psychiatrist asks him to put it on post-it notes goals for the behavior. So, a new neighbor, a job arranged by the father, it can be a touchstone for the passage of the final age.

Filmed as if it were a product of the matiné home, Carrie Pilby he plays with all the clichés of the other methods in female coming-of-age. Speaking of sex, the responsibilities, and the loneliness on the topics that you are trying to address in an nth version of the New York of Woody Allen. Above all, it is a vehicle for leverage in the market to Hollywood’s young Bel Powley, is known above all for The Diary of a young Girl Teenof Marielle Heller. The actress is in london he talked only to the DN, and has begun to reveal that it really is a chance to be in to represent a young adolescent when you are 28 years of age, “above all, I think it’s great that if you go for the movies with the stories of the girls. I think that society is afraid of young women and of young girls! These realistic portraits of what it is to be a young 18-year-old scares a lot of people. People will feel more comfortable when in the movie it just show the girl assanhada,and she

finally, put it all in boxes and stereotyped… we Need to see more films with the characters in a truly multi-faceted!”.