Critical | Social War [Like a Boss] (2019) – Rose Bryne, and Tiffany Haddish are the two best friends that don’t have an ounce of chemistry


In the world of business, it can destroy a friendship, and in the The partners in the War on {Like a Boss} we’ll see that happen in a boring and stereotypical.

The Rose Byrne and Tiffany Haddish starring in this movie, such as Mel and Amanda, two best friends since childhood that you start your own cosmetic line and opened a shop to sell these products. Both have their own qualities and defects, and the Honey is more focused, and more focused in the area of finance, while the Mia is a comfortable, creative. They are passing through it since the sales are not going well, and now they need money to keep the business on foot.

One of the products of the brand, it draws attention to the occurrence of beauty, Claira Luna (Salma Hayekshe wants to pay off the debts of the girls, and to invest in line with one of them, and also be a part of the control of the company.

Social en the war – a Critique | Movie PREMIERE

The film explores the friendship of two, and place them as the best of friends, spinsters, while the other women have already had children and are married. However, all of this is done in a way that extremely exaggerated, and anything that is consistent with the reality. We have small fights, musical numbers, often unnecessary use of drugs not relevant, and all surrounded, you know, without any grace.

However, not all of it is horrible!

In the company of the girls have a message to express the inner beauty of a women, with light use of make-up. The whole of the subject-matter of the company is based on friendship, and how you and your girlfriend should feel good about it.

Lo bueno y lo malo de

But for a movie it’s a comedy, the jokes are a bit on the patéticas, Sam Pitman, in and to the screenplay by Adam Cole-Kelly is completely boring and dull. The Byrne and Haddish try to have a couple of friends, but I do believe in friendship, even when they have their arms around each other, seems on the surface. I don’t think that works well because of the poor the script that they are all very shallow (with the dialogue appalling, and the references to the beats). In the meantime, I have to note that they are both excellent actresses, but they ultimante has taken roles as bad.

As if that weren’t enough, the two we have Hayek as of the writing of Claire and Luna, she is the most funny, nothing seems to be real into it, not even the hair, and the teeth of the first game is terrible, both in appearance, and when in his history, and nothing to save it from being one of the worst characters in the film. We also have a Jennifer Coolidge and Billy Porter the cast of characters, such as two members of staff from the long, of the Mia and Mel, they don’t add anything to the film.