His Wife had lost a finger in a discussion with Amber Heard


There is a new audio released by the Daily Mail, in which you can find out what Johnny Depp he lost part of a finger. “I can’t find the finger, I am not able to find you.”to hear. This is yet another chapter in the struggle between the player and the ex-wife Amber Heardin that, allegedly, both of them kicked each other.

There are already a number of reports of bullying from both sides. In this work, the british had access, that the two were in a mansion in the Country, in the north of Australia, in march 2015, when they had been married only a month ago. The recording lasts for five hours, but we do not know whether you have done it.

A medical team had to intervene, and it is one of the elements that they stated that they did not find the end of the finger of the Wife. The actor explained that he had lost part of a finger in an accident with a door. “Look at all this blood, and horror”you hear the nurse say.

“If I cut my hand so was going to the bathroom to wash it.”stated the doctor. Finally, the portion of the finger is lost, there appeared close to an en-suite bathroom and has been kept in a container with ice, in order to try to cosê it’s already in the hospital, where the actor has turned an operation that was successful. His Wife suffer the bruises and the burns, and when he had said to the judge, who, once again, Heard island washed away on a cigarette in the mouth of it.