In spite of having a request satisfied by the Trump, and Kim Kardashian do not want to support him in the elections of that year – Notes – Glamurama


Donald Trump, at the bottom, and it’s Kim Kardashian West – | | Credits: Play

Here’s a terrible shower of cold water over the contestants to the White House in presidential elections in the United States this year, Kim Kardashian has more than 258 million followers between Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, sent to warn you that you do not want to publicly support any of them. In spite of the close friendship between her husband, Kanye West, and is the current president and vice president candidate ever since the re-election of Donald Trump, she just wants to know how to defend the cause of the heart, and that is to fight for justice in the prison system in the country, and it’s going to line up where this is the case with any politician that is willing to stand by you in pursuit of the same.

Nor does the fact that the Kardashian-West this is true for Ivanka Trump, the daughter of a Trump, he must do it, consider the possibility of a change of position. Or even with the help of the member of the most famous of the clan Jenner/Kardashian has received on the political evolution of the last year, when he granted a presidential pardon so the ex stopped by Alice Marie Johnson, who in 1996 was sentenced to life in prison for having committed common crimes, on the order of a reality tv star.

Kardashian, West and the u.s. presidential election of 2016, declared support for Hillary Clinton, who deals with all these themes in the documentary film “Kim Kardashian-West: ‘The Justice Project’, which will air this Sunday on the cable channel american “Oxygen”. Another issue that will be addressed by the mother of a quartet of North Chicago, the Psalm and the Saint of West’s decision-making in the middle of 2019 at the latest, of studying law in a law firm in California. In the united states, the trainees in these posts they can become lawyers after four years of giving the hours to them. (For The Anderson’s Market)