Manu Gavassi shows concern at ‘BBB’: ‘it will be the previous seasons come back?”


Manu Gavassi on the Billboard charts? It came to pass! The name of the singer and the figure in the 4th update of the Social 50 this week. This is to stop measuring the engagement of artists from around the world on social media. BTS, EXO, and the NCT 127 to take the final podium spot. Manu is a brazilian who has reached the highest in the parade – an all-time high that is. Anitta, who had the best performance so far, it had its peak in the 7th position.

For that, the Maintenance is on the ranking? It is not without explanation. The singer has had with the nominee’s record of the votes of the “BBB” in the past week with the 1.5 billion votes cast. Turned over, and a lot of the social networks. On Instagram, she has grown so much that it is currently at 11.4 million viewers. Just inside, she didn’t know anything about it, so on Monday (6/4) has a crisis with him, and threatened to ask for, to get out of the program.

The maintenance, however, is not the only brazilian on the Social 50 this week. Gusttavo Lima and the duo Jorge & Mateus, who broke records in succession, with “lives” on Youtube, they will appear in the # 5 and # 23 respectively. In addition, Linda Also holds the 27th spot, Anitta in the 34th place, and Father Fabio de Melo in the 37th.

So if you have an idea, Justin Bieber, Backstreet Boys, and Jennifer Lopez to appear, respectively, in the 47th, 48th and 50th places.