Martin Scorsese is negotiating with the Apple, and Netflix, the next long, at a cost of US$ 200 million


Martin Scorsese delves deep into the idea, it’s going to be the end, no matter how much it may cost. An example of this is the Youthat long 3: 30 in duration, together with Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci in the film, which has consumed no less than US$ 175 million. This meant that Paramount Pictures gave up on the project at the half-way point, and the title ended up being funded by Netflix. Now, something similar happens to you with your next production.

Based on the best-selling book Assassins of the Moon of Flowers,David Grann, the story tells of the final days of the Old West in the United States from the 20’s, when the peoples of the kindred Osage they were millionaires because of the oil. The story is based on actual accounts, and it shows how the FBI has built, from the investigation of the deaths of the Osage, by the mafia of the oil-yankee clipper.

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The film was in development with Paramount Pictures, and it would be in the starring by Leonardo DiCaprio, but the project has reached again the level of financial rather steep for a studio with a budget, getting to$ 200 million. Thus, the pre-production would have been disrupted, and With it would have been released in order to negotiate with other parties. And it is from here that they enter to the Apple, and Netflix.

Apple would be closer to signing With

The market for streaming for a few has overcome the difficult initial buy-in to the film industry, due to pressure from the studios, distributors, networks, cinema, and traditional. Productions opening simultaneously at the multiplex, the most appearances in between the awards and the associations of film-makers and authorities in the field, a Series of, for example, has managed to establish itself as a new partner to the creator in this field, even those most resistant to change, following the example of martin Scorsese.

However, Apple would be closer to the warden, and it doesn’t exactly account for the amount in the bank, because the Series also has money and an enormous amount to invest in the With. Apple, although it’s also a gamble on the streaming platform, and the Apple TV+, it has always been more open to the idea of releasing the titles on the box office of conventional prior distribution is online, so that’s going to appeal to the director, you can also recover a large part of the cost of production for that model.

In addition, they also have a program of some of the titles that are interesting, Apple needs more content, especially with big stars and a larger scale. This year the giant from Cupertino made a cash payment of US$ 100 million in a new adaptation of the A Christmas Carol. The Banker it cost US$ 20 million, and the original series, such as The Morning Showconsumed$ 120 million. And the Apple TV + has commissioned a series of 10 episodes of the drama of the war Masters of the Air and is a by-product of the The Band of Brothers. Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks — all of which cost a total of US$ 250 million.


As you can see, the Apple doesn’t comes from measuring effort to fill out his schedule, especially since the Apple TV+ has a very strategic position to maintain the consumer in the context of the company. With the low sales of iPhones in the past few years, the chief executive officer, Tim Cook, to realize that I needed to also invest in services to keep the ecosystem in making money with the fronts for the public channels.

Martin Scorsese does not yet have the hammer, because, due to the downtime caused by a pandemic of a new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), and there is not too much of a hurry to do so. And if Apple did buy the rights and pay for the production, you will have to compensate for the death of the resources already invested in the project. Let’s wait and see what happens.

Source: 9to5Mac