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In the past week Vitor Kley available on all digital platforms for the The Midas Of Music the first single from the new album Love is the key. Now, he releases the video for the track, and with the participation, apart from his girlfriend The Carolina Laurel. Without giving away too much the link to thatVictor opens the video in an interview with the two countries, saying it could not find it on account of the growing pandemic of coronavirus, and to express your love through a song.

Mr. Kley:

Love is the key it is the unmistakable proof that he is above and beyond what is expected of you, even for one of the top talents in the country at present. In the song, He has surpassed the stage of a music that brings good feelings, and it has reached to the mark of the composer transforms the melody and the harmony in feelings and emotions.

The text of the presentation, this seems to be just an exercise of words. But, in practice, to achieve the power to transfer emotions through music, and this is one of the clímaces of his career as an artist.

Because that’s what the song brings, and the promise of the album, which, she says, that will be the name of the The Bubble (the reason for the name comes up in the future).

Your very own Cheers it says it in the song “there is a different business, there’s something unexplainable,” which he made with the people who have heard first-hand emocionarem: “it Is now a favorite in my family, His girlfriend, my brother, and wept, and I wept until the Rick (Bonadio) was”, he said.

It will sound corny, but the truth is, that the title to the delivery of the right love is the key. You can even put part of the lyrics here: “One day, I was told that nothing is ever going to gain the world is lost and does not come from a place / Worth in who you believe / If you are in the us, there is there is love, Then I wish you well / I wish you love with no fear, / you Smile without even knowing why / love is the key that is missing for the people to understand it.”

It’s poetry in full. But the letter is placed in such a way, the cold is not quite what it is, listen to it with the progression of the chords of the acoustic guitar, piano, double bass and string arrangement redondíssimos that you hang from the edge of the club is impeccable.

Perhaps this is because of the song (and the others) play so deep in our souls that we may know for what it is in the progress of composition, registration and production of the album.

The work was carried out in the home studio of Rick Bonadiowho produced and directed the art of the disc (herein, together with Brother the Patriarch), in addition to travel, play the piano, bass, etc.: “We num’of The Bubble (ANSWER: this is the name of the album, with the little girl, his baby-who was born in the house, aligned to that the total of the planets he and I, that it has brought a true giant to all of the albumhe says.

Speaking of the album, ” the promise is in the range shown in the single permeate the whole work: “It has a great diversity. It depicts who I am, the guy who plays the guitar (the strings of) the nylon in your home, you use the chord of the seventh for a bid PROPOSAL, you pick up your guitar, and enjoy playing in a rocknroll-of-two-notes”says Cat.

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