Pedro Sampaio is a show for the biggest crowd of their career, live on YouTube


On Thursday (09) Pedro Sampaio made her live on YouTube-by making a set of songs of various kinds. For those who like pop, you’re sure to enjoy this mix that he’s made a mash-up with the international hit of the year in 2019 and 2020. You have the “Don’t Start Now” button of Your Lipa, “Yummy”, Justin Bieber’s, “Dance, Monkey”, from the Tones, and I, among many others.


In the middle of may, Peter’s, during the second half confirmed the diagnosis of a coronavirus. Fortunately, your case is not complicated, and it just had to be in isolation in her own home, and avoiding infection. He will continue to do so without putting anyone else at risk.

“Now is the time to think about the next one, and if you have any symptoms of the coronavirus (a cough, a fever, a sore throat and/or shortness of breath), stay home, and avoid contact with other people. The symptoms vary and can be severe for some people. It is not a walkie-talkie. Please take care of yourself, and you will be watching over you and all around you,” he wrote on the social network.