Rob Liefeld says he doesn’t know how to film, Deadpool, and Spider-Man could be done


During the interview with ComicBook, Rob Liefeld he was asked about the possibility of Spider-Man and Deadpool find themselves on the big screen. Although I support the idea of the comic book writer you quoted is an important difficulty.

“It would be too much, isn’t it? However, my immediate reaction is this: Spider-Man is a part of Sony Pictures.”

He said.

“I don’t know how it works exactly, the relationship between Sony and Marvel Studios that they work on one movie at a time. Of course, that seeing Asgard for the first ten minutes of ‘Spider-Man 3’ would be awesome. The two have formed one of the best duos in comics.”

Spider-man 3 will be directed by the Jon Watts and it hits theaters in July of 2021.

In the main function, we have Tom Hollandand some of the members of the cast, the secondary, as Jacob Batalon, Zendayaand Marisa Tomei also, you are almost guaranteed to.