[SPOILER] it has the body in the most bizarre of comic books: see all 5 tests


“Thor” is one of the heroes, and the most important ones in the MCU. A large part of the success of the character is due to the charisma of its performer, and Chris Hemsworth.

For all the fans of the Marvel comics, you know that I have an impressive physique, one that escapes the understanding of human dimensions asgardianas.

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The site is implemented in relation to listing of the facts most interesting facts about the anatomy of Me; check it out below!

Due to its lineage to the divine and training is an intense, Thor is much more powerful than a asgardiano common. While the majority of the people of Asgard can lift about 40 tons, the Thor is capable of withstanding the most of out of 100.

Thor is also immune to most of the diseases of the Earth, and having lived in Europe at the time of the Plague without becoming infected. The hero, however, is subject to the infirmities of magic.

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“Thor” is one of the heroes of the strongest in the Marvel universe. It is able to withstand, without problems, attacks, electrical, video games, and other destructive forces. Although it is more susceptible to the magic of the Comics of the Marvel comics, they have proven that up to magical attacks more powerful, they can crash up against Me.

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The powers of perception, to Me, are also amazing. The hero is able to perceive colors and sounds, inaccessible to human beings. In addition, it has a kind of sixth sense which cannot be described in human terms.

When someone has hurt Me, the character heals his wounds, and can heal faster than any human being. In his life, and I’ve already lost a member, it was impalado, and reduced to ruins, but was always able to come back.