“The Life and Story of Madame C. J. Walker overflowing with inspiration for the Series


In this complex period of social isolation in which we live, there is nothing better than to seek inspiration from our daily lives. And it can be found in many forms, even when watching a simple one-piece-streaming. And the awe-inspiring, perhaps, one of the key words for the sort in the mini-series The Life and Story of Madame C. J. Walkerwhich is currently on show at the Netflix since the last day of the 20th of march. With only four chapters in, the production, performed by the winner of the academy award Octavia Spencerbased on a true story, overflowing with representation in different fields.

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The miniseries tells the true story of the title character: a hairdresser enterprising african-american who became the first female millionaire by her own efforts in the United States and a true cultural icon of the country. Inspired by the book On Her Own Groundwritten by trisneta of the Walker A Lelia Bundles, the production shows that, contrary to all probability, of the Madame C. J. Walker overcame racial prejudice in post-slavery, prejudice, gender-based, double-crossing, personal, and role in the business to build a brand that revolutionized the hair care in the public, black. And in the midst of all of this, she’s also fighting for social change.

The weight of the The Life and Story of Madame C. J. Walker if the show ever since its creation: a mini-series of the original Series was created by Nicole Jefferson Asher with the showrunners, Elle Johnson, and Janine Sherman Barrois directed by Kasi Lemmons, and DeMane Davis. That is, as a black woman for giving a voice and a time, in the path of a black woman. There are spaces for friends to just fill in the numbers, or racial quotas, but on merit and talent, that is reflected against the screen, and that they do justice to the story. The book also draws attention to itself in the list of executive producers, among the ten credited with, we find the name of the protagonist, Octavia Spencer, and a basketball player LeBron James.

The fact that a number of the season, in the first chapter we are transported to St. Louis, in 1908. There, we are introduced to Sarah Breedlove (Octavia Spencer) and his sad story of life. When we realize that he wants to be more than a trial, and we see her determination to want to sell the water in the capillary is created by Addie Munroe (Carmen Ejogo), who has saved her life and self-esteem. Even after being cruelly rejected by the in-house beauty black “from the color of light” (as his grandmother used to call her), She is also his strength-driving to build up their own business. Stitched together with scenes from Spanish, and the script has fun with these light leaks. In this episode, we find Sarah, and Addie facing off against each other in a boxing ring to fight, in order to illustrate the rivalry between the two of them. The sequences in Spanish, is also seen in the other chapters of this book.

Also, it’s just in the first few minutes of the first episode, we met for the Charles James Walker, played by Blair Underwood. The second husband of Sarah’s is to blame for and encourage him or her professionally as well as personally. But over the course of the story, we realize that the empowerment and the ascension of his wife, after which he decides to call it the Madame C. J. Walker, and goes on to grow in business, by raising up the empire-moves directly to the ego, and touches the lives of the couple. Characters aside, the acting superb the Octavia with the good work, Blair will give a higher weight to the story that is being told. It is also worth noting the scenes of Garrett Morris as Cleophus, the father of C. J., who gives a good account of themselves in the comedy with hints of drama.

The strength of a woman, often in a structured way, the drama of the transition to the capillary, the pre-gender – experienced by Lélia (Tiffany Haddish), a daughter of Sarah in addition to its own racism, they are aspects which give more power to the mini-series from Netflix, which is also pleasing in its soundtrack is timeless – that is a mixture of the past and the present through the songs performed by Janélle Monáe (Dance or Die), Kimberly Jenae (Seven Nation Army), LATASHÁ (Who I Amamong other artists, are black.

At one point we talked about both of the extent to which, The Life and Story of Madame C. J. Walker it arrives in the form required by the public. The series is full of strong messages, delivered with a subtlety that could inspire us to seek a more just and respectful towards others, without any kind of prejudice, and the strengthening of the concept of gender equality that should be inherent to every single human being, no matter what.