The Maximum · Anitta? Gusttavo Lima? Who’s Excited? Get to know who are the artists of brazil, the most popular of the TOP-50 on the Instagram


In a list drawn up by the company has concluded that the brazilians are present in the social network

The artists of brazil are gaining more and more prominence in the global market. This is shown by the evidence of the growth of the more popular ones.

According to a survey carried out by the company shows that nearly 30% of the most popular from Instagram and belong to the artists linked to the world of music, most of the singers.

A place in the TOP 50 of the Instagram this is a list of the most influential people in the niche and it shows you the importance of each of the influence of digital on the music.

The chief executive officer of Tubelab, Fred’s Sisterrevealed the reason why: The “Instagram has become the leading showcase for artists, both big and small, because of its reach, the momentum and level of popularity. It is one of the most affordable ways for your audience to follow your favorite artists and interact with them.

In this list, but I think they are not out of it! In the TOP 50, and they were in attendance, and have shown that they are growing up in this world.

The CEO said: “The social network, has also helped to highlight some of our most prominent artists, who today are among the 50 most popular profiles in the world in this category.


Anitta – 46,2 M away

Ivete Sangalo – 31,2 M away

Maisa Silva – 30,7 M away

Wesley Safadão – 28.5 M

Marilia Mendonca – 28,7 M away

Who’s Excited – 27M

Gusttavo Lima – 29M

A place in the Top 3 in the world of Instagram is the singer: Ariana Grande (179M), Her (144M) and Justin Bieber (131M).