the singer advocates the position of the controversy of the president of the philippines


For Matthew Barr, Source: Blabbermouth
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The singer, filipino Arnel Pineda, who is the lead singer of the band Journey, pleaded with the president of the philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, who has taken tough measures to keep track of the coronavirus, including an order to the police to fire on citizens who are causing trouble on the streets.

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“I have orders to the police and the military … if there are any problems and if there is a time in which they are (note: members of the public who are causing trouble in the areas are blocked), touch them, and their lives are in danger, shoot them all,” said the president on Wednesday.

After a fan shared an article on Twitter about the comments of Duterte, the singer replied: “…your words were taken out of context once again… and he said, ‘if you will, the life of the frontliners start to be committed to the safety and security of the soldiers / police that keep the peace and good order, then it is at the moment… he was led to the DICTATORSHIP.”