The Thought of His has never happened in the park-the Avengers at walt Disney world


After the Galaxy”s Edge, the epic playground from the Star Wars universe in Disneyland, here’s what the Stars will also have their turn. So, just what in the world is back to normal, we will have the grand opening of the Avengers the Campus!

The theme park is in the MCU is, in some ways, canon! You will give below some of the other features of the park, but if you connect to that you. The attraction will be treated as though it were set in the infinite possibilities of the multiverse in Marvel.

And now that the park is also located in our real life, there isn’t much of a threat for disaster to come. As well as the thought of His has NEVER occurred in the narrative! Who gave you this detail has been the chief executive officer, creative by Dan Fields. Check out their explanation:

As I mentioned earlier, there is no popping noise. What I mean by this is that we want there to be a conflict. But we don’t want anyone to feel that there is a threat of apocalyptic-the end of mankind. Our friends at the studio have done a great job with it. So, we want the conflict to be a little more accessible to visitors on a daily basis.”

Without a Thought, and no Claims!

Although the explanation is very interesting, since it’s fun, it’s the most important thing… Well, that would be even more immersive to the experience of going to the park, and you run the risk of turning to dust, wasn’t it? In any case, the Avengers the Campus to add to the MCU, with other new features including:

Those who are responsible for the attractions in the park that they are working on the designs along with the Ryan Meinerding. Well, for those who don’t know, it’s one of the top artists from Marvel Studios.

They are of all the designs, concepts and artworks that define the look of the characters in the movies of the MCU. That is, visually, the park is really as smooth as on the big screen!

In addition, there is the creative director of the executive branch of the live entertainment for the walt Disney By Dan Fields. It was Dan who recently revealed that we’ll be in a suit of armor is completely unheard of in the “Iron Man” in the park! According to him, this armor will be the MARK of 80.

It will take a lot to see in this new armor? Torcemos so that you don’t! Here’s a little bit more about the Campus and the Avengers!

Spider-man on the Campus, the Avengers!

Today, Disney held an event where they have released the proprietary information of the Avengers The Campusthe attraction , which will be held on the 18th of July in the park of the Island.

And the attraction that has attracted most attention, and that is now will cause the company to Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: Breakoutit was the Web-Slingers: An Adventure from Spider-Manthe attraction , which will feature the return of Tom Holland, who will be lending his voice to the hero.

In the Avengers The Campus you will also be able to be a part of the training in the mystical arts with Doctor Strange and the possibility of becoming an elite warrior with the Okoye’s and the Dora Milaje. This will also be the “Iron Man”, with a new armor, the Mark 80, and the other heroes such as Thor, Captain America, the Wasp, Capiã, Marvel comics, etc.

As for the food, and the restaurants, and the campus will be Kitchen, Tests and Hawkeyevisitors will also find food, in a size in an unusual way. There will also be the Companies In Europe Spaanda clear reference to the The Avengers2012.

Also, he was dying to visit the park? Leave your opinion in the comments, and keep watching the The legacy of comic books in order to not miss any news!


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