Top 5 movies most watched Netflix in a week


The Netflix it is spreading all over the week, what are some of your during treatment. Among them, we have some really great movies.

We bring you here the 5 most watched now and what do you have to give it a try! To see what’s going on with the 10 titles of the most-watched of the week please click here!

Here’s the list:

Miracle in Cell 7

In the movie ” Miracle in Cell 7 is the story of a father with a mental illness who has been charged with murder and is now back to his lovely little daughter, six years old, you need to prove your innocence.

The S. W. A. T Operation scorpio

A mysterious prisoner in custody, S. W. A. T. is the target of the attacks, the criminals are willing to deliver it at any cost.

A Gentleman From The Intern

Jaded with the world of fashion, entrepreneur, Jules gets some help and inspiration from those least expected it: Ben, a trainee who is a widow, and septuagenário.

The Dark: The Killing End

The boss of the drug trafficking in the colombian takes over the control of routes to the united states. Right now, it’s up to a sniper and a police officer on the mission to stop him and his cartel.

Looking for an Angel

While pursuing a suspect one night, a police officer Sharon Pogue (Jennifer Lopez), in Chicago, nearly of them from an ambush. But, a mysterious stranger (Jim Caviezel) intervenes, disarms the assassin and saves the life of faith. Maybe it’s just a concerned citizen passing by at the right place at the right time. Just the two of us had already met before. They fall in love, discover the truth, and they are forced to face secrets from the past.