Vivarium, science Fiction, with Jesse Eisenberg, and Imogen Poots


But it was more than just a film about a couple’s search for a home in the suburbs turns out to be an experience of imprisonment, paranoia, and indifference.

As the name suggests, Vivarium this means the Nursery, and it’s here that the film reveals itself. In the beginning, you can get an idea of what’s to come, but only to realize that we are in the middle of the movie.

In the story, we see the teacher Gemmaperformed by Imogen Pootsand her boyfriend (TomJesse Eisenbergthat are looking for a home, and you will receive a recommendation of a private, gated community called the Yonder.

Vivarium Horror Psychological - Vivarium | sci-fi with Jesse Eisenberg, and Imogen Poots

Poots and Tom go to real estate find a real estate agent’s behavior in the least doubtful, and it offers to get to know the condo is not too far and not too close to being the ideal distance from the town centre. When you are presented with the number 9, in some mysterious way, the spell vanishes, and they go out of the building, which is completely empty, and that’s when the thing starts to stink.

In a climate of “terror” – psychological, and the couple is confronted by a maze of houses and always go back to it’s place of origin. Slowly the film is going to be delivering elements of the bizarre which further complicate their life as a couple.

Vivarium in the background is a reminder of our indifference to the creatures that live in, and we don’t have the slightest idea of how to think like a dog or a cat, and other species, we are completely indifferent to, as I mentioned at the beginning of her Poots being in the nature of things.

Vivarium this is the second work of the director of the irish Lorcan Finnega written by Garret Shanley. With a small budget, the value of the film is its story and the central characters played by Imogen Poots, and Jesse Elsenbergque, which brings us to the psychological torture that is going on Yonder, the perfect community, and at the scary.

A curious detail is the heaven for the condo Yonder it reminds us of the sky, it painted the room with Andy in the Toy Story.

Vivarium, Science Fiction, with Jesse Eisenberg, and Imogen Poots

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