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It’s the content, it is one of the ecosystems most commonly used for people who want to download and share files of all types, is nothing new. And to take advantage of the system, there are a plethora of customers, with names as varied as the The Transmission, qBitTorrentthe russians The area and MediaGetamong many, many others. But, at the end of the day, which is the favorite of the public.

Well, from that site, such as the KickassTorrents, Torrentz.I and ExtraTorrent there are no more, description it came to filling the “power vacuum”. A search of the site, ToorentFreak shows that the client for BitTorret in question comes to dominate the market for more than ten years ago. With a stunning gap over the competition. Check it out on the table.

The RankingBitTorrent clientMarket Share
2BitTorrent6.6% of
3Libtorrent (google’s Web, e.-a.)6.3% of the
4The Transmission5.1 per cent
5MediaGet3.7% of
6qBitTorrent3.4% of the
7The area3.3% of
8Deluge0.9 per cent
9Bitcomet0.6% of
10BiglyBT0.3%, and
11FDM0.2% or
12BitSpirit0.2% or
13BitLord0.1% of

As you can see, google has almost a monopoly among the clients for BitTorrent, the favorite of the public, with nearly 70% of the market. Its closest competitors are sprayed on the preference of the public, which helps google to keep your domain name.

To confirm that the domain of uTorrent, TorrentFreak has set up a partnership with the site, iknowwhatyoudownload”. From then on, in a single day, an analysis was made of the more than 25 million connections in the BitTorrent log. With this, it has been possible to understand the various characteristics. Among them are:

  • The vast majority of users, has been updated to version 3.5.5, which is the most recent of the description; however, the dozens of older versions are in use. Although it is no longer officially supported, and there are hundreds of thousands of people are still using google drive for your Mac;
  • The research indicates aindaque client for Mac the most popular is the The Transmission. This is a major change in comparison to 10 years ago, when its market share was much smaller. While the Transmission also has a beta version of Windows, you should expect that the user base is relatively small;
  • The table below shows in more good news for the parent company of uTorrent, is the BitTorrent, Inc..: the client The Mainline BitTorrent Client it occupies the second place in the ranking with a 6.6% share. It has a different name, but it’s developed by the same company. Also, it’s almost identical to a description in terms of code and resources. That is, the BitTorrent, Inc. it has a monopoly on the industry.
  • In addition to the complete dominance of google, the rise of the Libtorrent the ranking is also outstanding. Although very popular, this is not a torrent client, but it is a library that is used by a wide range of applications, from the torrent in The version used by most of Libtorrent is Some of the follow-up surveys have shown that it is used in the most recent version of the google’s Web. Instead of having your ‘own’ customer ID’, the web version of the latest uTorrent, it identifies itself as Libtorrent. In a nutshell, to place the most up 6.3% on account of the BitTorrent, Inc., and the total of their market share to more than 80%;
  • He draws attention also to the input of the The area and MediaGet in the world ranking. Even though they were developed in English, and both of these clients are designed and developed in Russia, and it has the population of the country as its major base of users. Both of them offer the ability to download and stream and come equipped with an easy-to-use, and
  • The rank of TorrentFreak, is completed by the qBitTorrent, Deluge, FDM (Free Download Manager) and BiglyBT. The last one is managed by ex-developers of Vuze, and that was the second client is a torrent is most used to ten years ago. Today, this development is only sporadic;
  • The other customers in the niche in the ecosystem of BitTorrent, they have not reached the cuto between 0.1% and therefore do not appear in the rankings. They are as follows: Tribler, Frostwire, Tixati, tTorrent, aTorrent and PicoTorrent. You can have tens of thousands of active users on any given day, but it is too low in comparison with that of the clients shown in the link;
  • Another curious fact is that the Popcorn Time (and its variants webtorrent), is very popular among the public and the media, it is also not even close to the top of the list. Even so, it is an important consideration: the data presented in the ranking to represent the clients whose users share files in a simple life. If a client, the Popcorn Time to stop all the activities of the compatilhamento, after the conclusion of the film, it will no longer be recorded as an asset in the next few days. In that way, the clients are used by the people who continue to spread the files they may be a little bit of super estimated. But the margin of error, and you still do not agree with the results of the survey.

Source: TorrentFreak

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