A former interpreter for the James Bond film you want, Margot Robbie living in the 007


In the role of James Bond is one of the most iconic from the film, the international, and it is the next to be vacant after the likely departure of Craig in the series. With the time change, He Lazenvy, who played the character of 007: The on Her Majesty’s secret service, wants Margot Robbie in living Bond-a new era for the franchise.

For the actor, in the australian pre-requisites are important to be part of a James Bond film. “It would be good for the role. It’s bold, it displays a high level of confidence. People will always believe that you are able to do something by doing it this way,” says Lazenby, in an interview with the international vehicle.

Really looking for a change, it is unlikely that James Bond will be played by a woman, at least that’s what he says to the producer, Barbara Broccoli. “I think that we have to create a new character, the female characters are strong. In particular, I’m not interested in taking advantage of a male character and a woman, to interpret it,” he says to the person responsible for the production of films for the character from the 007-marked for death, in 1987.

After starring in four long, and, with the fifth one on the way, Daniel Craig is very close to saying goodbye to the character. So, for a long time now, it has been suggested to replace in the uk, which is dedicated to the role since 2006, when it starred in the James Bond film for the first time in the film 007: Casino Royale”.

In addition to being important to the film, the actor, who lives in the 007 and it is very important to the culture of britain. In addition to Craig, and Lazenby, Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Pierce Brosnan have also played a role. However, in the new James Bond film will carry with it not only on the tradition established by 25 the film, as well as the responsibility to present the news to a franchise that needs to adapt to the changing times.

In the near-to long-it is now ready, and will be, perhaps, the final interpretation of Daniel Craig as James Bond. 007: No time to die would have its premiere in April, but had to be rescheduled due to the outbreak of the Covid-19. The new date for the release of the film, it’s the 19th of November, in the year 2020.