Agoraphobia: anxiety disorder back to win in a few weeks


Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder marked by fear of crowds and situations that may cause any of the constraints.

The open spaces it is an anxiety disorder that is, for the most part, it is associated with panic attacks. In the most serious cases, undermines the social and professional life of the patient.

The disorder is characterized by a fear of crowds and situations that may cause any of the constraints. It creates panic and a feeling of shortness of breath, and even irrational fear that is excessive.

A word is a word made up of two radicals on the stock.

  • Now: the name given to the areas where they carried out trade in goods or the meeting of the people,
  • Phobosfear, in a free translation;

According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the Association of Psychiatrists, the American (DSM-IV)”:

“The word is used to define the behavior of tack, which can happen when a person finds themselves in situations or places from which it would be difficult or embarrassing to escape, or even rescue you if something wrong were to happen.”

In a recent interview, the star of the Hollywood, Jennifer Anistonsaid, that in the quarantine tank for the the pandemic the new one coronaviruses there has not been a challenge for her, given that he suffers from agoraphobia.

“The isolation, and in some ways, it’s a nightmare. But, for me, in particular, has been a challenge. The biggest challenge has been watching the news and trying to figure out what is going on in the world,” said Aniston, according to the newspaper Cities.