Amber Heard’s hired a detective to investigate his Wife


According to the british newspaper the Daily Mail: Amber Heard is trying to find some evidence or ‘dirt’ against her ex-husband Johnny Depp in his lawsuit against the actor.

Because of this, She and her lawyers have hired a private investigator to rummage through the lives of the Wife, but could not come up with anything in the past, the star, which could affect him / her.

The former couple have been at war since I Heard he asked for the divorce to come on stream in 2016, accusing the Wife of beating her during their marriage. Johnny is currently suing his ex-wife for defamation, libel, and alleges that she has lied in the proceedings, and that he was the victim multiple times on her.

Detective Paul Barresi has been hired by the legal team for Amber this past summer, out of which the Wife allegedly abused verbally or physically, and it ended up empty-handed, according to the journal.

“He has interviewed dozens of people and haven’t found anyone that had anything bad to say about the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean.”, it justifies its publication.

“They spoke of his generosity and his good heart,” said Barresi, showing that many of the people with whom we talked spoke of the Heard.

“I have been in the United States, France, germany, Italy, japan, Great Britain, and to all of the places where Johnny Depp walked in, I was not able to find the person that he or she has been abusive and violent. No one has said anything derogatory about him,” said Barresi.

The process

His Wife has filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard in a defamation case, since he wrote an article for the Washington Post, where she talked about the domestic violence they have suffered at the hands of an ex-husband. The star of Hollywood asks for a US$ 50 million ($250 million).

Thinking of a counter-attack, Amber Heard has presented a recourse to the libel suit against her was dismissed, but the judge denied it and ruled that the case should proceed.

According to the website Deadline, the presiding judge, Bruce White, of the state of Virginia, in the us, has sent a letter to the lawyers on both sides of the case on Friday (the 27th), with the following statement:

“The lawyer’s Demurrer to has his defense held in the fourth statement, but it had to be denied. In addition to this, the appeal of the lawyer regarding the statute of limitations is denied. The council is required to prepare an Order reflecting the court’s decision, and forward such Order to the court for the record”.

In response, the attorney for Amber, said: “today’s decision leaves it to the jury to decide the meaning of the opinion of the Sra. Heard the truth in what she said. As we’ve said historically, the courts have very strong mechanisms in order to determine the truth…. Here, we can be confident that the Sra. Heard will prevail at trial, when the jury is presented with evidence on the issue that the Court identified – that is, if the Sra. Heard he was abused by Mr Depp”.